This year’s KIDS FRINGE is jam-packed with stuff — there’s more entertainment, more arts, more crafts, and just more STUFF than ever — and all for FREE! So take a look at the schedule below and start planning your fun. You can also click on the individual day/schedule to download an Acrobat/PDF version to print or save.


KIDS FRINGE is located at the Mennello Museum for American Art (900 E Princeton Street), right across the street from the “big kids” Fringe. There’s lots of room to spread out and, even better, lots of shade.


The Mennello ‘s parking lot will be closed during Kids Fringe. However, some of the local businesses have been kind enough to provide parking that is both convenient and  doesn’t compete for spaces with other Fringe patrons across the street.

Florida Urology Associates: 1812 N Mills (west side, just south of Princeton.) Available on Saturdays and Sundays all day during Fringe, and its FREE. Lots of spaces, great location for KIDS FRINGE, just a short walk across a bridge!

The Magruder Eye Institute: 1911 N Mills Avenue (east side, just south of Princeton.) Available on Saturdays & Sundays, so it’s perfect for KIDS FRINGE . Just cross Mills and go to the back of the parking lot across the street, there is a bridge that crosses Lake Formosa right to the KIDS FRINGE area.

You can find a map of these parking lots on THIS PAGE.

NOTE: Because Kids Fringe has grown so much, the museum will only be open for those paying admission –it will not be open to use the restroom. Because of this, we will have port-a-potties available; don’t worry, they’ll be clean.

Activities & Schedule

Kids Fringe May 16

Kids Fringe May 17

Kids Fringe May 23

Kids Fringe May 24