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2018 Orlando Fringe Outdoor Stage Schedule

The Outdoor Stage is 100% Free! Come, enjoy the Outdoor Stage offerings without spending a dime!

*Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

Opening Night Celebration
Thursday 5/176:45pm - 7:15KICK-OFF DANCE-OFF on THE LAWN
Thursday 5/177:30pm - 8:00TBA
Thursday 5/178:15pm - 8:45Tears Of A Tyrant
Thursday 5/179:00pm - 10:00Beemo
Thursday 5/1710:30pm - 11:45Eugene Snowden & The Fabulous Fringers Boogie Brigade!
First Friday SGIT Dance Party
Friday 5/186:30pm - 7:00Orlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Friday 5/187:15pm - 7:45Orlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Friday 5/187:45pm - 8:30Triple Trouble Y'all DJs
Friday 5/188:30pm - 9:00Matthew Tonner
Friday 5/189:00pm - 9:30Triple Trouble Y'all DJs
Friday 5/189:45pm - 10:30Someday River
Friday 5/1810:30pm-11:00Triple Trouble Y'all DJs
Friday 5/1811:00pm - 11:59The Dropout
Swamp Sista La La
Saturday 5/193:00-6:00 PMSwamp Sistas Songwriter Circle
Saturday 5/196:00-7:15 PMChakra Khan
Saturday 5/197:30-8:45 PMBetty Fox Band
Saturday 5/199:00- PMBeth McKee’s Dreamwood Acres Release
Saturday 5/1910:30 PMKaleigh Baker’s Someday Honey
Orlando Fringe Literary Sunday
Sunday 5/203:00pm - 3:40Orlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Sunday 5/204:00pm - 4:30Firelight Band
Sunday 5/204:45pm - 5:15TBA
Sunday 5/205:30pm - 6:00East Coast Railway
Sunday 5/206:15pm - 6:45Lounge Diggaz
Sunday 5/207:00pm - 7:55Orlando Story Club
Sunday 5/208:00pm - 9:30Fringe Poetry Smackdown
Sunday 5/209:45pm - 11:00Fringe Toast-Off
Sunday 5/2011:10pm - 11:59TBA
All That Jazz Night at Orlando Fringe
Monday 5/217:00pm-7:30Orlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Monday 5/218:30pm-9:10Kristen Warren
Monday 5/219:30pm-10:45The Sam Rivers Rejuvenation Orchestra
Monday 5/2111:00pm-11:59Marco and Sarah Bojorquez
Fiesta at Fringe
Tuesday 5/226:30pm - 7:00Orlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Tuesday 5/227:15pm - 7:45Orlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Tuesday 5/228:00pm - 8:15"Lile & Turq"
Tuesday 5/228:30pm - 9:15Savi Fernandez
Tuesday 5/229:30pm - 10:15TBA
Tuesday 5/2210:45pm - 11:45ATTO Music Project
The Modern Music Movement Presents
Wednesday 5/236:15pm -6:45Mindful Medatition with Sarabeth
Wednesday 5/237:00pm - 7:45Sunset Yoga at Fringe by Amanda Reh
Wednesday 5/237:50pm - 8:00Pulse Foundation
Wednesday 5/238:00pm - 8:30Orlando Gay Chorus
The Modern Music Movement Presents
Wednesday 5/239:00pm - 9:30Brian Killeen
Wednesday 5/239:45pm - 10:15Wheeler Newman
Wednesday 5/2310:30pm - 11:10Shewbird
Wednesday 5/2311:20pm - 12:00The States
Laughs on The Lawn
Thursday 5/246:00pm - 6:20Orlando Fringe Show Promo
Thursday 5/246:30pm - 7:00Tartantrum
Thursday 5/247:15pm - 7:45Amanda and Emily: We Have A FRINGE!
Thursday 5/248:10pm - 9:10Orlando Indie Comedy Festival Persents: After Dark
Thursday 5/249:15pm - 10:45Tumbleweeds Comedy Tour Stand-Up
Thursday 5/2411:00pm - 11:59"Whiskey Sharts’ Shartsville Showcase"
Orlando Fringe HIP-HOP Night
Friday 5/256:16pm - 6:45Orlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Friday 5/257:00pm - 7:30Orlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Friday 5/257:45pm-8:15Orlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Friday 5/258:15pm - 9:00DJ CUB's Old School Hip-Hip Instructional
Friday 5/259:00pm - 9:30Sean Shakespeare
Friday 5/259:40pm - 10:10DJ CUB's Cypher
Friday 5/2510:15pm - 10:45E-Turn
Friday 5/2511:00pm - 12:00NIKO IS
The 7th Annual Fringe Jambando
Saturday 5/264:00pm - 4:30Lauren Lester
Saturday 5/264:30pm - 5:15Justin & The Out
Saturday 5/265:15pm - 5:45Maygen Navarro
Saturday 5/265:55pm - 6:45The Goldminers
Saturday 5/266:45pm - 7:15Mellow Yellow
Saturday 5/267:30pm - 8:30funkUs
Saturday 5/268:30pm - 9:00Circa
Saturday 5/269:15pm - 10:15U.niversal F.unk O.rchestra
Saturday 5/2610:15pm - 10:45B-TRuBoxMann
Saturday 5/2610:45pm - 12:00amBrown Bag Brass Band
Southern Fried Sunday at Fringe
Sunday 5/273:00-3:30pmTBA
Sunday 5/273:45-4:15pmJestelle
Sunday 5/274:30-5:00pmLuke Wagner and The 441
Sunday 5/275:15-6:00pmSean Holcomb (Duo)
Sunday 5/276:20-7:00pmHymn For Her
Sunday 5/277:20-8:00pmVonner
Sunday 5/278:15-9:00pmBeartoe
Sunday 5/279:15-10:00pmOak Hill Drifters
Sunday 5/2710:15-11:00pmLast Electric Rodeo
Sunday 5/2711:15-11:59pmHannah Harber & The Lionhearts
Luau on the Lawn & The Fabby Awards
Monday 5/283:30-4:15pmBig Tiki and The Mai-Tai's
Monday 5/284:30-5:20pmThe Ukelaliens
Monday 5/285:25-5:45pmTBA
Monday 5/285:50-6:30pmThe NovaRays
Monday 5/287:00-9:15pmEJ Wizzard Karaoke
Monday 5/289:30pm-12:00aFabby Awards