2017 Free Outdoor Stage Schedule

Opening Night!
Thursday 5/188:30pmOrlando Gay Chorus
Thursday 5/189:15pmThe Mud Flappers
Thursday 5/1810:20pmLauris Vidal One Man Band Party
The Vinyl Warhol Presents
Friday 5/196:30pmOrlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Friday 5/197:30pmTimothy Eerie
Friday 5/198:30pmTiger Fawn
Friday 5/199:20pmSomeday River
Friday 5/1910:20pmPleasures
Friday 5/1911:10pmDJ B8TA
Swamp Sista La La
Saturday 5/203:00pmSwamp Sistas Songwriting Circle #1
Saturday 5/204:00pmStoryteller Madeline Pots
Saturday 5/204:10pmSwamp Sistas Songwriting Circle #2
Saturday 5/205:15pmO-Sky
Saturday 5/205:45pmSybil Gage & Her Catahoulas
Saturday 5/206:45pmStoryteller Madeline Pots
Saturday 5/207:00pmRenee is a Zombie
Saturday 5/207:15pmTerri Binion Band
Saturday 5/208:00pmHelena A Capella
Saturday 5/208:30pmBeth McKee w/special guest Lynn Drury
Saturday 5/2010:00pmE-Turn
Saturday 5/2010:30pmLUVU
Orlando Fringe Literary Sunday
Sunday 5/2114:30Orlando Fringe Teen Party & Parrallel Lives
Sunday 5/215:00pmThe Breakthrough Voices
Sunday 5/216:00pmThe Grip
Sunday 5/217:00pmBikini Katie's Variety Hour
Sunday 5/218:00pmFringe Poetry Smackdown
Sunday 5/219:45pmFringe Toast-Off
Sunday 5/2111:15pmLive Lewd Girls
Jazz Comes to Fringe
Monday 5/227:00pmOrlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Monday 5/228:00pmThe Sam Rivers Rejuvenation Orchestra
Monday 5/229:10pmThe Sam Rivers Rejuvenation Orchestra
Monday 5/2210:30pmKaleigh Baker
Comedy Night Un
Tuesday 5/236:35pmOrlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Tuesday 5/237:15pmAdLib Theater Improv Comedy
Tuesday 5/238:00pmTartantrum
Tuesday 5/239:00pmRoss McCoy's Tumbleweed Comedy Tour
Tuesday 5/2311:00pmOrlando Fringe Movies Out Loud
Shows I Go To Presents
Wednesday 5/246:30pmOrlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Wednesday 5/247:00pmOrlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Wednesday 5/247:30pmJim O'Rourke & Rainy Day
Wednesday 5/248:20pmBLONK
Wednesday 5/249:20pmCosmic Roots Collective
Wednesday 5/2410:20pmGary Laser Eyes
Wednesday 5/2411:15pm Reverist
Comedy Night Deux
Thursday 5/257:00pmOrlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Thursday 5/258:00pm Orlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Thursday 5/258:45pm Phantasmagoria
Thursday 5/259:30pm Big Tim's Shady Late Nite Snack Comedy
Thursday 5/2511:00pmJoe Pettis' Underwear Comedy Party
ORLANDO Fringe HIP-HOP NIGHT by Mood The Party
Friday 5/267:00pmOrlando Fringe Show Promo Block
Friday 5/268:00pmLeisure Chief Hip-Hop Jam w/ Damez
Friday 5/269:15pmDJ CUB's Cypher
Friday 5/2610:10pmTable 4 Three
Friday 5/2611:00pmProject Spit & Special Guests
Fringe Jambando
Saturday 5/273:00pmEast Coast Railway
Saturday 5/273:45pmSoulo Duo
Saturday 5/274:25pmThe Dave Trio
Saturday 5/275:15pm Lauren Lester
Saturday 5/275:45pmPlane Versus Cult
Saturday 5/276:45pmB-True, Mann!
Saturday 5/277:15pmThe Goldminers
Saturday 5/278:15pmYardis & Stephan
Saturday 5/279:00pmEugene Snowden
Saturday 5/279:30pmfunkUs
Saturday 5/2710:30pmThe Legendary JC's
Southern Fried Sunday at Fringe
Sunday 5/282:30pmMichelle Shocked
Sunday 5/283:10pmParlor
Sunday 5/283:50pmTears of A Tyrant
Sunday 5/284:40pmBad Fixes
Sunday 5/285:30pmThe Bloody Jug Band
Sunday 5/286:45pmThe Simple Cavemen
Sunday 5/288:00pmThe Orange Creek Riders
Sunday 5/289:00Jeff Shepard
Sunday 5/2810:00pmMatt Woods
Sunday 5/2811:00pmNight Owlz feat. Gailanne Amundsen
Retro Bech Party at Fringe Day
Monday 5/293:00pmBubble Boys
Monday 5/294:00pmThe Ukelaliens
Monday 5/295:10pmBest Bathing Suit at Fringe Contest hosted by Bikini Katie
Monday 5/296:00pmAndy Matchett's Johnny Wild & The Delights
Monday 5/298:30pmTush and The Upright Gentlemen
Monday 5/299:30pmFabby Awards


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