The festival took place May 16-25.
Seattle Fringe closes, making Orlando Fringe the longest continuous running Fringe Festival in the United States. Seattle was the first official Fringe Festival in the United States, followed by Orlando and San Francisco (Orlando Fringe is just six months older).
Orlando Fringe sells tickets online for the first time. During the 2003 festival, 1,200 tickets were sold overall.  
T-Mobile sponsored the festival and provided Fringe with their new “sidekicks” to help communication between venues.
Orlando Opera participated in Fringe this year and promoted their show by walking around downtown wearing towels and a shower curtain.
Heavy rain caused flooding in venues with resulted in venues being relocated and show start times being delayed.
Non-Fringe outdoor concerts taking place in Downtown Orlando created noise pollution during shows which opened discussions to relocate the festival away from downtown. 
Even with the trouble with the weather, Orlando Fringe returned more than $100,000 to the artists during the 10-day festival.