Orlando, Florida, September 2, 2020 – Orlando Fringe announced that this month’s First Fringe Friday would feature 10-minute plays created by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) artists. All six of the short plays that are scheduled to be presented on Friday are performed by individuals who have never appeared on the stages of Orlando Fringe. 
The lineup of shows includes:
How Can I Help You? by Nap IslandA play which contextualizes the pandemic of loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic.
Saving the Best For Last by Rajpa ProductionsBrother John practices the arts in the role of Motivational Storytelling, Cultural History, and tribute Vocalist. His personal motto: “I Live & Learn so to Share!” #Empowerment
Boldly Blerd Trek by Velvet DukeHow I found peace by finding my place in the Star Trek universe.
3 Way Lovve: Lovvespear’s Requiem by Maatology ProductionsThis is an excerpt from the stageplay 3 Way Lovve where the lead character, William, aka Lovvespear, who is a famous graphic artist/painter, makes his decision in regards to his fate with his life and his relationship with his well-to-do adopted father/mentor, Guy Kenwood. The lead character is inspired by renowned painter, Basquiat.
Temptation by Kristie Taiwo-MakanjuolaTwo high school teenagers discover the ins and outs of online dating.
Resilience by Mia Raye SmithMia won a grant from Queens Council On the Arts to produce this play in 2018. She performed the show at LaGuardia Community College Little Theater. The play centers around an African American woman trying to find the perfect therapist to cure her anxiety disorder. The play tackles race and anxiety, the strong black woman syndrome, and the misconceptions about finding a therapist. Mia plays over 25 characters!
Hosted by Fringe Favorites Tymisha Harris and Cesar de la Rosa, First Fringe Friday takes place this coming Friday, September 4, at 7:00 pm and can be viewed on Orlando Fringe’s Facebook page, Twitter profile, and YouTube channel, as well as orlandofringe.org/live
First Fringe Friday is a free event, but donations are encouraged and 100% of the donations will be returned to the participating artists.

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