Party Pods Aid Distancing and Provide ‘Perfect Spots’ at Fringe

Orlando, Florida, April 15, 2021 – Orlando Fringe announced today their new Party Pods program to aid in distancing while also helping fringe-goers find their perfect spot on the lawn. 

Ten numbered ten-foot by ten-foot tents will be placed around the Fringe lawn and are available to rent daily. Each tent comes with a table, four chairs, a personal cooler with ice, a souvenir Fringe beer pitcher, and four cans of your beverage choice. Each tent comes equipped with lights, so the party doesn’t stop after the sunsets. Each Party Pod will have its own personal cocktail server so patrons won’t have to get up to walk to the bar; there will be someone to bring drinks directly to them. 

“We’ve placed the Party Pods in specific places with our Fringe fans in mind,” said Fringe Executive Director Alauna Friskics. “There are tents close to the outdoor stage and some close to the bar. We’ve got tents in the back for those who want a bit of seclusion, and with accessibility in mind, we have placed some pods closer to sidewalks for people with limited mobility.”

Fringe stressed that the Party Pods will be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected between reservations. 
Orlando Fringe also shared that one of the centrally located, close to the action, Party Pods, is dedicated to Christian Damon’s memory, a local performer who passed away last May. Longtime friends Jodi Chase and Robyn Pedretti Kelly wanted to celebrate Christian at a place that they knew he loved and organized the dedication.  
“We had to reschedule, replan, and rearrange plans to celebrate Christian with a memorial that we thought was perfect for him so many times,” said Pedretti Kelly. “We turned to Fringe because we thought there was no better place to honor him than the place he spent every day of his adult life every May because Christian loved Fringe so much. Not only was he in shows, but he loved and supported Fringe. When we heard about the Party Pods, we felt like Christian was putting something out in the universe and saying, ’This is for me!’ What better way to celebrate Christian than at the festival he loved? We think it will honor him greatly.”

A special celebration of Christian’s life will be held Wednesday, May 19 at 7pm, on the Fringe lawn.
With only ten Party Pods available each day of the festival, Orlando Fringe is encouraging patrons to book fast if they want the private tents and amenities that come with them.  

“Fringe is back, and what better way to join in the fun than with a Party Pod?” added Friskics. 

Party Pods seat four and are $149 per day (5pm-1am) Monday-Friday and $249 on Saturday, Sunday, and Memorial Day Monday (11am-1am). To reserve your Party Pod, go to


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