Orlando, Florida – October 26, 2021 – Orlando Fringe, producers of Central Florida’s most culturally unique arts festival, invites you to join them on November 19 for a night filled with hit music, delicious food, drinks, and the annual Fringe lottery that decides the productions performed at the May 2022 festival.
Founded in 1992, the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival has been the hub for thousands of theatrical performances and celebrations of music and visual art. Housed at Loch Haven Park in Downtown Orlando, the nonprofit organization prides itself on giving voices to artists with an assortment of ideas and perspectives. Productions are chosen at random, accepted for what they bring to the stage, completely unrestrained, and receive 100% of their ticket sale revenue.
The annual lottery is the main event of the evening. Fringe separates the lottery into tiers that are classified based on venue capacity and geographic origin -local, national, and international applicants. And, to open doors for performers that may not have the opportunity elsewhere, Fringe draws two pre-lotteries – Amplified Voices and Fringers of the Future.
Fringe’s Amplified Voices Lottery effectively emphasizes the organization’s efforts to be accessible, diverse, and equitable. Artists of marginalized communities can enter this drawing which increases their chances of being chosen to perform. 
Additionally, there is a distinct drawing for middle and high schools, titled Fringers of the Future. Funded by Universal Orlando Foundation, this program has been supporting hard-working teachers and their diligent students for more than five years in ways that prove to be cost-effective and encouraging, such as waiving application and performance fees. 
This upcoming party is anticipated to be even more special than those conducted in previous years. Executive Director Alauna Friskas states, “We wanted to offer an inclusive lottery experience that pulls together not only artists but also audiences, donors, sponsors, volunteers, and all lovers of Fringe. Everyone is invited to join in the festivities.” 
As this event will take place outdoors in the courtyard of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center, attendees who are unvaccinated must remain masked at all times unless seated and actively eating or drinking. All attendees must wear masks while inside the building.
Fringe will be celebrating their bash on November 19, 2021, from 7 pm to 11 pm. Guests will not be charged for attendance or parking, and it wouldn’t be a Fringe event without a bar. As usual, there will be a variety of beverages, including many nonalcoholic options. To add to the excitement and unity of the celebration, Johnny Rivero, better known as Exclu the Only DJ, will be mixing a variety of music that everybody can enjoy. Attendees can also take advantage of a dazzling selfie station to document their leisure. 
The nonprofit organization has also added prizes that attendees have the opportunity to win, further adding to the excitement of celebrating the arts as one unified collective.  
For more information on Orlando Fringe, visit their website at orlandofringe.org. Aspiring applicants for the May 2022 festival can be directed to apply at orlandofringe.org/artists/festival-managed. 

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