about this experience

This socially-distanced creative adaptation will take place live and outdoors within Orlando’s Loch Haven Park.  

The story will be told through stationary scenes that you will travel to in small groups throughout the park in a 60-minute immersive tour. Your group will be led by holiday carolers and Ebenezer Scrooge themself. Along the way, you will visit moments from the classic tale through the eyes of five local arts groups, retelling the story through multiple genres.

covid-19 protocols

Face Masks Required

All people in attendance including the audience, staff, actors, and volunteers must wear a mask that covers both their nose and mouth while attending our event. Yes, even outside and in the park.

Masks can be removed only when seated and actively drinking a beverage in the courtyard of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center.

Temperature Check Required

Upon arrival, all patrons, staff, volunteers, and performers will be subject to a digital temperature check and COVID screening questions.

Any person with a temperature of 100.3 degrees or refusing to answer the screening questions will not be admitted to the event and will be required to leave.

Physical Distancing Enforced

Maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet between you or your party and others.
Please respect any patron that may ask you to take a step away from their space.

Wash Your Hands

Germs are everywhere. Please wash your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds.
For maintain physical distancing, only two people are allowed in the restrooms at any time.

Sanitize Your Hands

Sanitizer stations have been placed in specific places of the event for you to use.
Please sanitize your hands frequently to stop the spread of germs.

welcome to the show

Photo of Lindsay Taylor

Lindsay Taylor


Welcome back to Loch Haven Park! We’re so happy to see you again, in an immersive show unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The heartbeat of A Fringemas Carol is the collaboration between Orlando Fringe and various arts groups in Central Florida. Creating a show in 2020 was definitely different, but we are excited to present the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, back where we belong at Fringe. We kept true to the classic tale, but made sure the performers could add their own Fringe-y twist. From puppeteers to song parodies, new Fringe artists performing alongside veterans, there’s truly something for everyone to get you into the holiday spirit. A lot of planning went into building something special and most importantly safe, for you, our biggest fans. I truly hope you enjoy the show, happy holidays! 

Photo of Kenny Howard

Kenny Howard


It gives me great pleasure to say welcome back to this (or any) in-person Fringe Event. We could not be more excited to share an evening with you. When we were trying to decide what to do as our fall event, we knew we wanted to choose something that was in person but heeded all safety precautions. We were also no strangers to the 5 groups presenting the different parts of the same story. So, Lindsay and I started there, then decided to tell the story in a bit of a cycle play, which would move the audience to allow more people to enjoy the show and in small numbers. And what a better place to do this, than Loch Haven Park, aka the Green Lawn of Fabulousness. Then we decided we would produce certain elements (Scrooge, Ghosts, Narrators) then tie them all together in order for other groups not to have to worry about the logistics involved in that portion, so they could focus on their scenes, and I think the results are beautiful. I’d also like to quickly thank the staff, volunteers, actors, technicians, and producers who have worked very hard to bring this Christmas Carol-se of Progress! :). Thank you for spending valuable holiday time with your Fringe family. We are looking to see you again real soon for Winter Mini-Fest in January. Stay safe! We hope you enjoy our Fringemas Carol!

meet the scene producers

Scrooge's Counting House

Joel Swanson

Joel Swanson’s first venture into the world of producing was with the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival in 2018, with his one-man/ one puppet show, FROGPIG. What began as a show the Orlando Sentinel had “[its] eye on,” went on to be awarded as the Critics Choice for Best Solo Show (Variety). Since then, FROGPIG has been performed multiple more times in the Orlando area and even in Rochester, NY, to rave reviews. Taking inspiration from the greats, such as Jim Henson and Liza Minnelli, Joel Swanson Productions continue to create, challenge, and push the artistic envelope with only the utmost camp and kookiness.

Charity's School

Beth Marshall Presents

Beth Marshall Presents is a critically acclaimed and award-winning 12 year old independent nomadic theatre company based in Orlando Florida, committed to producing theatre that challenges our audiences, deeply explores the human condition and offers high quality production values with a special focus on contemporary and newer works, original premieres, socio-political dramas, touring festival circuits and bridging the gap for emerging artists transitioning to professional theatre. With over 100 productions on the books, both BMP and The DownTeeners are no strangers to Orlando Fringe Audiences.
In 2020, BMP was awarded an Awesome Grant to develop The DownTeeners with Musical Director, Tim Hanes.
Past BMP Fringe shows include the 2019 Cirtics Choice Drama for girl, The 2019 Mini-Fringe selection of the 2018 Patron’s Pick winner: Save Me, Dolly Parton, The 2018 Mini-Fringe Selection of The 2017 Critics Choice Drama for Best Ensemble: Commencement, The 2015 Audience Choice Award for HOODIES.
BMP has had the honor of producing several notable award-winning Fringe artists and shows in the past such as:
Chase Padgett (SuperMan Drinks, Six Guitars), Paris Crayton III (HOODIES, Spare The Rod), Rob Gee (Ghangis Khan Guide To Etiquette), Paul Strickland (Any Title That Works, Jokes, Songs, A Hat, etc.),
VarieTEASE, The Screw You Revue, La Ange’ Avec La Fleurs and more.

Beth is the former Producing Artistic Director of The Orlando Fringe and the current Director of TOP TEENS. The DownTowners are the recipient of a Fringe award named after Beth, The Spirit of The Fringe, and together the two groups are thrilled to be bridging the gap of the generational divide thru songs and artistic expression.

Imagine & Inclusivity is the second project in BMP’s season under the theme of Inclusivity.

Fezziwig's Warehouse

Blue LaLa's VarieTEASE

Blue LaLa Productions

BlueLaLa’s  MULTI- AWARD WINNING VarieTEASE (Best Dance Group, Best Choreography, Best costumes, Patron’s Pick, Pick of the Fringe) has been an Orlando treasure for almost 20 years. Starting at Southern Nights and then planting it’s Theatre roots in the Orlando Fringe Festival with the Award Winning Carnivale. VarieTEASE has over 80 installments and continues to grow as it’s recently found itself a new home at HÄOS on CHURCH! You never know where this amazing group of Artists will Pop-up!!!!  Tonight you are joined by Megan Boetto, Jack Kreeger, and Katrina Soricelli!! Thank you for the love Orlando

Scrooge's Counting House

Logo of Rogue Stage. Dream Create Engage

Rogue Stage

Rogue Stage was created over three years ago to produce exciting stories in unique and unexpected ways that engage our community.

After a decade of creating together throughout Central Florida as actors, directors, writers and producers, Fringe veteran team Thom & Tonya Mesrobian and Mark Hartfield known for their Orlando Fringe Best in Fest 2016 “Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump,” 2018’s “Callbacks” and “Frankenchrist: The Musical” in 2014,  decided to create a unique theatre company from their hometown of Lakeland, Florida.

Rogue Stage exists to produce original works, one-of-a-kind concepts, and unplugged theatrical experiences for the Polk County community and beyond.

Their original show “Queen of Swords”, a rock musical about Julie D’Aubigny the real-life opera singer and sword fighter written by Thom Mesrobian and Ben Shepler, will be produced in 2021. 

Cratchit's House

In the Wings Productions Logo

In the Wings

In The Wings Productions was established in 2011 by a group of Valencia College alums with a passion for technology in entertainment. Over the years, In The Wings has produced multiple musicals and plays throughout Orlando. Most notably in 2012 when In The Wings produced Hedwig and the Angry Inch starring local favorites Ginger Minj and Janine Klein. In 2020, a new vision was set and In The Wings is currently working on cultivating and nurturing up-and-coming artists and providing audiences with new perspectives and immersive experiences.

meet the cast

Photo of Tymisha Harris

Tymisha Harris


Friday 6:20 & 8:20, Saturday 6:40 & 8:40, Sunday 6:40 & 8:20

Tymisha Harris (aka “Tush”) has been performing professionally as a dancer, singer, actor, puppeteer, acrobat, stunt performer, stilt walker, choreographer, costume designer, and badass burlesque diva for the last 3 decades. Her early credits include assistant choreographer and backup dancer for the ’90s pop group N*SYNC, backup dancer for LFO, multiple roles at Universal Studios Orlando, and a featured role in the hit movie series Bring It On. More recent endeavors include the national tour of Rock of Ages, a European tour with the innovative and world-renowned Pilobulus Dance Theater Company, and founding member and Assistant Director and Choreographer of the successful Orlando based dance troupe, VarieTease.

Combining ferocious dancing, powerhouse vocals, fearless audience interaction, stunning costumes and a delightfully unpretentious sense of humor, Tush has performed her distinct and multifarious style of entertainment locally, nationally and internationally.

In 2015, she was awarded the national title of Entertainer of the Year for her burlesque, and soon after honed her talents and shaped them into the fierce storm that is Josephine, a burlesque cabaret dream play. Her one-woman biographical musical about the legendary Josephine Baker has toured the world, played off-Broadway, and received dozens of awards. The journey does not stop here~ Stay tuned to see what happens next! Peace.

Photo of Mykai Eastman

Mykai Eastman


Friday 6:00 & 8:00, Saturday 7:40, Sunday 6:00 & 7:15

Mykai Eastman is a Director/Playwright, based in Tampa, FL. A graduate of The University of Tampa, he intends to combine his passion for the arts and public service to produce work that progresses society. Previous directing credits include: Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches by Tony Kushner, Shakespeare’s R&J by Joe Calarco, Dutchman by Amiri Baraka, and tick…tick…BOOM! by Jonathan Larson!

Jac LeDoux


Friday 7:40, Saturday 6:00 & 8:00, Sunday 6:20 & 8:00

Jac LeDoux has been performing and directing for over 40 years throughout the Midwest and
Eastern Seaboard.
She has performed with Seaside Music Theater, GOAT, Mad Cow Theatre, The Garden
Theatre, CFCArts and Breakthrough Theatre. Jac has brought to life some memorable
characters, most recently Sonia in Vanya, Sonia, Masha & Spike, Grandma in Billy Elliot,
Juanita in Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, and Hannah in The Spitfire Grill.
Working at Titanic the Experience Jac wrote, directed, and performed for over 11 years, bringing
the famous ‘Molly’ Brown to hundreds of visitors.
Working with Playwrights Round Table for the past 4 years, Jac has directed pieces written by new writers.
Jac especially delights in working with new writers and actors, collaboration being the most fun and challenge ever!!!

Brandon Roberts


Friday 6:40 & 8:40, Saturday 6:20 & 8:20

Brandon Roberts is a veteran of the Orlando Fringe… primarily because of his age.  Artistic Director for Gromalot Theatre Factory, Fringe audiences might have forgotten Brandon from such shows as Sport, Snack, Smooch, and Stump.  Brandon also tackled his first solo storyteller show, My Left Tit, in last year’s Fringe—last year as in 2019—the last physical Fringe, not virtual—what is time in the Covid Days?  Brandon assumes that most folks know him from chasing artists off the stage as the Fringe Preview timekeeper, a duty to which he hopes to return someday when Fringe gets back to normal… or shall we say abnormal?  Merry Christmas and stuff.  

Michael Wanzie

Jacob Marley

Michael Wanzie presented his very first show – IN CLOSE QUARTERS –  at Fringe # 2 in 1993. Since then he has written, produced, directed, choreographed and/or appeared in 20 productions (excluding multiple cameo appearances in other people’s shows). He’s in this show too.

Photo of Katie Thayer

Katie Thayer


Friday 6:00 & 8:00, Saturday 6:40 & 8:40, Sunday 6:40 & 8:40

Katie Thayer (better known as Bikini Katie to Fringe goers) is an actor, improviser, and playwright. She received her BFA in Theatre from UCF, and has been part of Orlando Fringe for most of a decade. Previous Fringe shows include Beneath the Bikini (Winner: Best Solo Show- Cabaret), Ladies Room: The Musical, and The Bikini Katie Variety Hour. Facebook.com/Bikiniadvertisingspace

Photo of Nico Allen

Nico Allen


Friday 6:40 & 8:40, Saturday 6:20 & 8:00, Sunday 6:20 & 8:20

Nico Allen (they/he) is a 22-year-old Central Florida actor. They go to the University of Central Florida, where they study Political Science and Digital Design. Previously they could be seen in Valencia’s docudrama Transition (2018). Due to COVID-19, they have been unable to act, but this opportunity with Fringe is a great way to get back into Theatre. They want to thank their mentors and family for always supporting them in their acting endeavors, helping them strive to be the best they can be!

Photo of Gabriella Juliet

Gabriella Juliet


Friday 6:20 & 8:20, Saturday 6:00 & 8:20, Sunday 6:00 & 8:00

Growing up in the Orlando theatre community, Gabriella is thrilled to be wrapping up 2020 by returning to Orlando Fringe for some Christmas magic. Gabriella is a resident vocalist for TIH Studios and graduated with her BFA in Music Theatre from Florida State University. Some favorite credits include Pete the Cat (Mom), How I Became a Pirate (Max),The Full Monty (Estelle), Hairspray (Velma Von Tussle), OTOWN: Voices from Orlando (Jessica/The Light), Houdini: The Musical, and West Side Story (Rosalia) She thanks Kenny, Lindsay, her family, and the entire Fringemas team. Keep up with her @gabriellajuliet 

Eddie Ortega


Friday 7:40, Saturday 7:40, Sunday 7:15

Eddie Ortega was born and bred here in Orlando, FL. He graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors in Music Theatre in 2019. Some of his favorite past credits include being a singer/dancer with Oceania Cruises just this year, playing Usnavi (In the Heights) at the Glow Lyric Theatre and The Baker (Into the Woods) and Eddie Souther (Sister Act) at McLeod Summer Playhouse. He thanks his parents, his dearest friends, and his fellow noles for their endless love and much appreciated support.

Photo of Gabbi Hockensmith

Gabi Hockensmith


Friday 6:00 & 8:00, Saturday 6:20 & 8:00, Sunday 6:20 & 8:40

Gabrielle Hockensmith is currently studying Entertainment Management at Rosen College of Hospitality (UCF). She works Full-time at Universal Studios at Raptor Encounter as a Veterinary technician and joined Entertainment Central Production’s Frog Choir seasonally in Hogsmeade as an Alto/ Puppeteer.  Some of her favorite roles include HOPE (Seasons: The Musical), Veronica Sawyer (Heathers: The Musical), Matron Mama Morton (Chicago: The Musical), and Orlando Fringe credits: Skye/Girl (Tadpoles) and Jewel (Monorail Inferno).

John Gracey


Friday 6:40 & 8:40, Saturday 6:40 & 8:40, Sunday 6:00 & 8:00

Fringe audiences may recognize John Gracey as one half of the immensely popular “Fringe Binge Live!” which can be seen on the Fringe IGTV channel during the festival. A lover of all holidays, he decorates for Halloween in August, and Christmas the day after Halloween. Favorite holiday films include A Christmas Story, Die Hard, and Santa Jaws. A native of Orlando, John loves to travel and has been lucky enough to visit his three dream destinations: Hawaii, The Grand Canyon, and Dollywood. He doesn’t see snow very often, but when he does, he has no idea how to get it off the rental car. Follow John on Instagram @50shades_ofgracey. It’s mostly thirst traps and pictures of his cat.

Photo of Joshua Huff

Joshua Huff


Friday 6:20 & 8:20, Saturday 6:00 & 8:20, Sunday 6:40 & 8:20

Joshua Huff is a freshman at the School of Performing Arts at Pace University in New York,
pursuing a BFA in Acting. He has been actively doing theater in Central Florida for six years
now. Some of his favorite roles include Jean Prouvaire in Les Miserables (Wayne Densch
Performing Arts Center), Spencer in Snappy’s Happy Half Hour at the Orlando Fringe Festival
2016, Judas in Godspell (Breakthrough Theatre of Winter Park), Josh in Bang Bang You’re Dead
(Oviedo High School) and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing (Lake Howell High School).
His passion is straight plays and acting for film and television although he also loves musical
theater. He would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season

Photo of Robert Laurita

Robert Laurita


Friday 7:40, Saturday 7:40, Sunday 7:15

Robert Laurita is a somewhat recent transplant to Orlando, having grown up in Queens, NY, and having lived in Los Angeles for the past 22 years. His theater credits in Orlando include Herre Schultz in Cabaret (Encore!) and Harold in The Full Monty (Florida Theatrical Association.) Other credits include the Baker in Into the Woods, Claude in Hair (European tour), Roger in Grease (National tour), various apostles in Jesus Christ, Superstar, and a Bottle Dancer in Fiddler on the Roof. Film credits include the Lifetime films: Megachurch Murder, Expecting Amish and Zoe Gone, plus the never-released Girls Will Be Girls 2 and the original Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy. TV credits include How I Met Your Mother. He is a proud graduate of NYC’s High School of Performing Arts. He comes back to this acting thing every few years or so, but to fill the time, he works a corporate job and co-produces theater including Merrily We Roll Along directed by Michael Arden (Wallis Theater, Los Angeles 2016), and Miss Coco Peru’s shows Undaunted and Miss Coco Peru’s Universe (Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, Beverly Hills Playhouse). 

meet the production team

Event Producer

Alauna Friskics

Theatre Producer / Co-Director

Lindsay Taylor


Kenny Howard

Technical Director

Amy Hadley

Box Office / Sponsorship

Paula Whigham

Event Marketing

Brian Sikorski

Club Fringe / VIP Area

Lisa Hardt

Associate Producer / Manager on Duty

Tempestt Halstead

Operations and Safety

Melissa Fritzinger

Volunteer Coordinator

Denna Beena

Patron Relations

Genevieve Bernard


Becki Cassidy


Jessica Doten
Armando Morales

Content Creators

Joyce Arbucias
Robert Hertenstein

Courtyard Audio and Lighting

Ray Christianna

Stage Manager

Molly McCormick

Scene Technicians

Heather Sladick
Paul Tran
Amanda Simmons
Mike O’Neill
Jamie Knoepfler

donate to the artists

If you can find it in your heart this holiday season to give a little extra, we will pass on 100% of your donation to the artists.
Text the word FRINGE to 41444 or click the button below to donate to tip the artists.

thank you to our sponsors and partners

drink menu

$6 - A Brew from the Pub

Choice of: Stella Artois, 3 Daughters Orange IPA, Bud Light Seltzers, Non-Alcoholic Beer

$8 - Cratchit's Cocktails


Vodka and Orange Juice

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Ginger Beer with a Squeeze of Lime

The Ghost of Christmas Present

The Life of the Party Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Sour Mix, and a Splash of Coke

The Ghost of Christmas Future

Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Blue Curacao, and Grenadine

$4 - Non-Alcoholic Options

Tiny Tim - Virgin Strawberry Margarita

Different flavor options available upon request

Fezziwig Fizz - Fizzy Lemonade

Different flavor options available upon request

$6- Wine

Choice of: Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay

$2- Snacks, Water, Sodas

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