orlando fringe is uncensored

Artists control 100% of their content

the rules

Orlando Fringe prides itself on the amount of control we allow our artists, however just like any other festival, we do have a few rules you will need to comply with

  • Shows drawn in the 2021 lottery cannot exceed 60 minutes. Due to the 2020 shows being deferred to 2021, this will ensure we can accept as many shows in the lottery as possible.
  • The time you have listed on your application is the MAXIMUM time allowed for your show.
  • Artist groups are responsible for securing all rights, royalties, copyrights, and union waivers for published works or Equity actors. (Groups are responsible for proving a copy of these rights and royalties to the Orlando Fringe). Failure to secure rights is grounds for removal of your show from the Festival. Proof of rights must be sent to the producer before your schedule is distributed to you.


Note:  Orlando Fringe holds a music license with BMI.  No group should pay for additional licensing from BMI. This includes any music used as house music or performed live or via vocal tracks, CD’s, background music, etc. If selected in the lottery you must indicate if your show includes published music for our reporting purposes.