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Everything you need to be an artist at Orlando Fringe

So you’re thinking about applying for the Orlando Fringe?

Below are some things you need to know before completing your application to make sure that you’re fully ready to apply and enter the Orlando Fringe Lottery! Select an icon below to learn more.

land acknowledgement

Orlando Fringe acknowledges that our Festival resides on the traditional homelands and territories of the Seminole, Miccosukee, and Timucua Tribes. We are privileged to create here, and recognize that identifying inequities in our organization and working to change policies will support inclusive artistic expression for all. 

amplifying voices

At Orlando Fringe, we believe in Amplifying Voices.

Our goal is to assure that we are creating and fostering an inclusive, equitable, and collaborative environment, one that promotes participation and openly recruits diverse stories and performances, providing opportunities for underrepresented artists and communities by not only offering a platform for inclusive shows, art, and experiences, but by facilitating and creating opportunities for coaching, mentorship, and scholarships, and by offering any guidance that might help on their artistic journey.

Ultimately, our greatest ambition is that artists and patrons of any background will see themselves represented in the work showcased at the Orlando Fringe Festival as well as all of our year-round events and that we might serve as a model and inspiration to other artists and arts organizations in our own community and around the world.