The 30th Fringe Festival

Poster for the 30th Anniversary Festival with two purple balloons saying 3 0. With the word Celebrate above it and the dates May 18-31, 2021. The Orlando Fringe Festival logo is at the bottom.

May of 2021. We are here. The future of Fringe looks bright. How will you help us shape the future?

Do you know what’s on my mind lately?

Animated gif of the Spice Girls dancing with the text "Friendship Never Ends"

Do you know what’s on my mind lately? How incredibly lucky I am to be a part of such a tremendous cultural event as the Orlando Fringe. I have gained so much from being a part of the festival from the very first time I literally walked into Fringe Central in downtown Orlando way back! […]

Who would’ve thought taking safety would be fun?!

Poster for "The Safety Show with Denna and Fritz"

Thank you to all the volunteers who joined Melissa “Fritz” and myself for our “The Safety Show”. We covered a lot of information, much of it new and about this year’s festival!  If you missed it, or want to watch it again, we recorded it so you can do just that!!  As always, any question, […]

Get everyone involved! Looking for all sorts of worker bees!

Animated Gif of a Cartoon Bee

Does your company or office encourage volunteerism? Want to make a fun family or friends event? Get your church/ school/ club active in the best way? Please let us know! We are trying to build a huge hive of volunteers to take care of the Fringe festival! The 2021 festival will be here before you […]

Did you know?

Photo of Fringe volunteers in a Zoom meeting.

Did you know that our Orlando Fringe Volunteers have their own Facebook Group? It’s a great resource for volunteers and a place to get to know each other too! This year we will be using our group to hold online training and orientation. Don’t worry though if you’re not a Facebook person, we’ll be recording […]


Orlando, Florida, February 17, 2020 – Today Orlando Fringe announced details surrounding the upcoming 30th Annual Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival taking place in-person May 18-31 in Orlando’s Loch Haven Park. Orlando Fringe is the longest-running theatre festival of its kind in the United States. Last year, festival organizers cancelled the in-person festival due to the […]


Orlando, Florida, February 9, 2021 – Orlando Fringe, the organization that produces the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival every May, recently announced plans for their Fringers of the Future Production Camp. Fringers of the Future is an Orlando Fringe program, sponsored by Universal Orlando Foundation, that works to elevate the arts in Central Florida through educational and […]


Orlando, Florida, February 9, 2021 –  Orlando Fringe, producers of the nation’s longest-running, independent Fringe theatre festival, recently announced details for this year’s Kids Fringe Campy-Camps. Two sessions of the summer camp are being offered at the Fringe large and open rehearsal space inside the Lowndes Shakespeare Center in Loch Haven Park. The first camp, aimed at rising […]

The 5th Annual Orlando Fringe Winter Mini-Fest

The festival took place in person January 7-10, and online, January 7-14.With performances unable to perform indoors due to social distancing requirements, Winter Mini-Fest had a different look this year. Performances were broadcast online. Patrons could purchase shows individually or with an all-access pass.In-person, Fringe held a “Socially Distanced Hangout” in the Lowndes Shakespeare Center […]


Orlando, Florida, January 5, 2021 – Orlando Fringe, producers of the nation’s longest-running independent Fringe theatre festival, announced today that they have entered into a partnership with the global startup, Subly. Founded in 2019, Subly makes content simple by automatically transcribing and adding subtitles to audio and video. So creators and organizations, like Orlando Fringe, can create and […]