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Yellow background with the Kids Fringe logo in Green and Purple at the top. The image reads Kids Fringe Campy-Camp. Story Parade! Rising K, 1st, & 2nd graders. June 13-17. orlando slash camp. The image has a group of children and their teacher sitting on a giant book on the top left. On the top right, a teacher reads a book to her students while sitting on a rainbow. In the left middle section, a little red hairded girl with pigtails is reading a purple book. On the right, a young girl wearing a pink hijab reading a green book while two small fairies are coming out. At the bottom boarder is a parade of illustrated children dressed in various costumes.
Purple background with the Kids Fringe logo at the top center in white and dark purple. Below that, in white reads: Kids Fringe Campy-Camp. Fractured Fairytales. rising 2nd & 3rd graders. August 1-5. Orlando On the top right is a black girl and white boy wearing crowns and holding a picture of a pink castle and a unicorn with a rainbow linked them. On the top right is a young boy in a costume of a ventriloquist puppet. He is sitting on a block with the letter A and reading a book. On the bottom left, a boy with orange hair is crossing his eyes and sticking out his tongue. In front of him is an open book with a castle coming out of the left page and three children on the right. On the right of the image, a black girl with dark colored hair stands in front of three colorful books. She is holding a gold theatrical comedy mask in front of her face.
Background of the image starts at a dark blue at the base and a lighter blue at the top. On the top right corner is an illustration of a stage backdrop of a tree and a clipboard with notes on it and a pair of glasses next to it. There is also the Fringers of the Future logo. On the top left, a skull with a candle coming out of the top is next to a piece of paper and a feather pen. In the center it reads in white with a yellow glow, Teen Production Camp. Create, Produce, Perform. rising 20-24 and june 27-july 1. orlando slash teen camp. On the bottom left is a stage door set piece with a dress to the right with music notes in the center.
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