A goal and a challenge!

As the wheels start turning on planning this year’s event I once again am setting my goal to be better staffed with volunteers for this year’s festival! We are looking to expand coverage at each venue! We learned much from 2021. So I am looking for companies that encourage volunteerism, I am looking for groups […]

Volunteers are the best!

Thank you for all you’ve done over these last 14 days!!  Do you have ideas for 2022? Send them now while they’re fresh in your mind! We’re always looking for ways to make things move smoother and to get things done better. 

Don’t forget!

Don’t forget that Monday May 31st isn’t only the final day of the festival but VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION DAY!!! Join us for fun, food, prizes! We could never do it without you! We are so thankful for YOU!

Let’s see you Fringe spirit

Here are the last themes for the Spirit Days of Fringe!  Fri.5/28 Freaky Friday! Celebrate being halfway to Halloween by costuming! Sat. 5/29:  Beach Day@ Suns out, FUNs out! Sun. 5/30 Pajama Day, we’re tired but happy! Mon. 5/31: Birthday Party Celebration! Happy 30th Fringe!

Have you visited our Visual Fringe Gallery?

You should!  And if you are volunteering at the Shakes Information and Greeter position, please help spread the word about the digital gallery by walking the paddle by any lines when there are 2 volunteers at the table! Or if you are a Location Assistant, take the visual gallery paddle for a walk on your […]


Our first weekend is coming to a close! Can you believe it?? More fun coming your way! Let’s have some Spirit Day fun!  Mon.5/24 Wacky Hat and Sock Day Tues. 5/25: Tutu Tuesday! Wed. 5/26: Wiggy Wednesday, always wanted to have hair like Denna Beena, now you can without the commitment! Thur. 5/27 Throwback Thursday, […]

Don’t forget to take care of YOU!

Fringe can be a whirlwind of activities! DOn’t forget to get enough sleep. Drink water and eat. You would think these would be easy to remember but the magic of Fringe and the excitement can take over!  So please take care of you by making sure you have the nutrition and sleep you need! 

Tomorrow starts Kids Fringe!!!

Remember if you are volunteering there, you will check in and out with them!  Kids Fringe happens Saturdays and Sundays of the FRinge festival and is held at the Orlando Garden Club, just behind the Firetruck Museum!  Have kids in your life? They should be going to Kids Fringe!