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A cast of costumed teen performers with adult performers, posed for a photo.
A cast of teen performers
A cast of teen performers on stage in various costumes
Photo of teen performers on stage

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Happy Fringe!

fringers of the future

Encouraging and developing the artists in middle and high schools to help shape both their and our futures

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For over five years, Orlando Fringe has invested in the future by supporting the hard-working teachers that are building the performing artists that will grace our stages and many others in the future.

Orlando Fringe opens the festival lottery to any middle or high school that would like to perform at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival in May. Application and performance fees are waived and a special lottery drawing is held to determine which schools will be offered a slot in our festival. If chosen, they are given up to three performance slots and 100% of all ticket sales are returned to their program. Schools are required to have their own transportation to and from the festival.

We have heard wonderful success stories from this program. One teacher shared that with the ticket sales they made at Fringe, they were able to replace a twenty-year-old soundboard that was in desperate shape. Another told us that with the funds they made, their theatre program was able to start the following school year with money in their budget for the first time. It’s these stories that energize us.

In addition to the performing spots in the festival, Fringe provides workshops to schools on their choice of topics that are led by industry professionals. They are also given marketing support to help promote their shows to build interest among festival patrons. Fringers of the Future is an incredible opportunity for students to perform on a world-renowned stage and make friendships and valuable connections with performers from around the globe.

scholarship opportunity

Calling All High School Seniors!

Apply for the Fringers of the Future Scholarship! 

Orlando Fringe is giving away two $1000 Scholarships for Central Florida High School Seniors who are interested in majoring in theater, technical theater, theater education, arts management, dance, music and art. Free money to help make your arts dreams happen!

how to join

Orlando Fringe works with schools to nurture the arts.

Photo of a cast of teen performers on stage.

Applications to participate in Fringers of the Future open at the same time as the artist applications. They get the same benefits and experience as any other artist in the festival, except for a few extra perks. To apply, click the ARTISTS button above and read through the information about performing at the festival. Just ignore the fees. Fringe and our sponsors cover these costs for you.

CLICK HERE to contact Genevieve Bernard, our Education Manager for more information about taking part in the Fringers of the Future program.

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September 1 – November 15, 2022

Submit your application to perform at the 31st Annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival


December 5th, at 7:00 PM EST

Will your school get picked to perform in the festival? Only the random lottery will tell. Be sure to watch live online.


May 16-29, 2023

It’s showtime! Winning schools will have up to three performances during the run of the festival. Students are tasked with encouraging patrons to see their show. 100% of all ticket sales are returned to the schools.

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