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The Local Teaser

Welcome to the mature Audience Local Teaser

What will be your can’t-miss shows at this year’s Fringe? Each show will have two minutes to perform or they will be chased off stage. That’s all the time they got to win you over to buy a ticket to their show. Follow along with the interactive show and pick which shows you want to see! 

The Complete Works of Stephen Sondheim (Abridged), Man and Puppet Productions, Orlando, FL (Green Venue) 

Genre: Comedy, LGBT Themes, Musical, Parody/Spoof, Theatre

Show Rating: 13 & Up 

Send in the clowns? Don’t bother, we‘re here. From the creatives behind OH HI, JOHNNY! and DCOM Abridged comes the world premiere of a hilarious tribute to the greatest musical theatre composer of all time. Starring Rachel Hope Ihasz, Bryan Jager, Jarrett Poore, and Marissa Volpe.

Down the Rabbit Hole, Lumu Productions, Orlando, FL (Silver Venue)

Genre: Comedy, LGBT Themes, Musical, Parody/Spoof, Theatre

Show Rating: 18 & Up 

An original laugh out loud comedy with smart wit & sass. A cast of your favorite well known cartoon rabbits who hang out in a local dive bar celebrating New Year’s Eve. When an out of towner crashes the party looking for a casual hookup, one can only imagine what he finds when he plunges head first into a sexually charged bar with more than recreational activities going on! Will they find someone or something to kiss at the stroke of midnight?

Enthrallment: The Musical, Total Eclipse Theatre, Orlando, FL (Orange Venue) 

Genre: Dance, LGBT Themes, Musical, Theatre

Show Rating: 18 & Up 

Set in 18th century England, Enthrallment: The Musical tells the darkly comedic tale of four cursed individuals caught in a vampire nightmare, which leads them from their comfortable lives and families straight into a most questionable brothel to do battle with Dracula. Singing vampires, angry women, bawdy ladies, and uptight men await all who enter…Enthrallment.

Farrago with Chris Sanders, Chris Sanders, Sarasota, FL (Teal Venue) 

Genre: Comedy, Solo Show, Standup, Storytelling

Show Rating: 18 & Up 

My standup comedy show, “Farrago,” explores the realities, paradoxes and absurdities of my experiences and own human nature. I talk about my upbringing as a Black-Cambodian American growing up in small-town Florida, my complicated relationship with my schizophrenic mother, not following through on goals, life lessons about romantic relationships, ridiculous interactions with the police, and so much more. Anxious Blasian man tells stories and jokes about his life experiences.

Food Court by Beverly Coyle, Skinned Knee Productions, Winter Springs, FL (Brown Venue) 

Genre: Drama, LGBT Themes, Theatre

Show Rating: 13 & Up 

James, newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s finds himself parked at a mall food court by his husband Gerald when he meets the irrepressible Rachel, with early-onset MS. Their unlikely encounter and kinship might just save the world.

Gone, Recover Your Joy, Winter Springs, FL (Purple Venue) 

Genre: Drama, Musical, Solo Show, Storytelling

Show Rating: 13 & Up 

GONE is the real-life journey of Orlando-based singer Naome Bradshaw. She takes audiences on a high-speed ride, tracing the genealogy of trauma, addiction, and mental illness. Through gut-wrenching turns, emergency breaks, and a little daredevil maneuvering, Naome safely drives audiences to the light at the end of the tunnel. Written by Naome Bradshaw & Danielle Ziss; Directed by Danielle Ziss TW: Alcoholism, childhood abuse, sexual assault

Miss Gulch Returns, White Elephant Theatre Company Productions, Inc, Orlando, FL (Gold Venue) 

Genre: Cabaret, Comedy, LGBT Themes, Musical, Parody/Spoof, Solo Show, Theatre

Show Rating: 18 & Up

She’s bitter! And SHE’S BACK! Originally conceived, written, and performed by Fred Barton (FORBIDDEN BROADWAY). Brett McMahon transforms into a modern-day Almira Gulch who, in a desperate attempt to claim the fame and fortune denied her from THE WIZARD OF OZ (as well as find love) becomes a cabaret lounge singer. Full of comedy, great music and amazing lyrics you are led down a road not covered in yellow brick.

The Murray Method, Beth Marshall Presents, Orlando, FL (Yellow Venue) 

Genre: Comedy, Drama, LGBT Themes, Theatre

Show Rating: 13 & Up 

Uncle Orlando Murray has cerebral palsy, inadvertently turned into an acting coach and hopes his Methods will help his goth niece gain acceptance of self, family and college admission. A story of forgiveness, bromance, creating your own family dynamic and celebrating authentic humanity with all its fabulous diversity. A Goth Slice of Life with Guinea Pigs Cast: Michael Murray, Sarah Isola, Ella Hadley, Beth Marshall, Steele Mycroft, Dave Atwood, Yinelly Arnold, Zantrell Williams

PeeVira’s SCAREavan SingAlong, DulceArt Works, Inc. Orlando, FL (Van in Front of Shakes) 

Genre: Comedy, Drag, Immersive, LGBT Themes, Parody/Spoof, Solo Show, Variety 

Show Rating: 18 & Up

This year, PeeVira celebrates her 10th year fringe-iversary at Orlando Fringe. In honor of this special occasion she is going back in time to the 70’s with PeeVira’s SCAREavan SingAlong: Disco Academy. Students at this school will get lessons on the era that gave us all “Boogie Fever”. Complete with skits, games, drag numbers, trivia and 70’s nostalgia, this will be one interactive experience you don’t want to miss. But be warned, there is a mad man on the loose cutting up people with a chainsaw.

The Spider Queen, The Orlando Artist Guild, Orlando, FL (Green Venue) 

Genre: Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Storytelling, Theatre

Show Rating: 13 & Up 

A theatrical genius, a web slinging hero, and seventy five million dollars; what could go wrong? From the team behind MEAN GAYS and OH HI, JOHNNY! comes the behind the scenes story of the biggest flop in Broadway history. Featuring Joel Swanson, TJ Washburn, Kyle Masteller, Joni Newman, Jarrett Poore, Bryan Jager, and Jillian Gizzi. Produced in partnership with the ME Performing Arts.

Triple Bypass, Little R Productions, Winter Park, FL (Purple Venue) 

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Show Rating: 13 & Up 

Triple Bypass consists of 3 plays: Seeking Dignity: Everyone hopes for an easy death – but does everyone deserve it? Close To Black: Two singers meet and discover that although almost thirty years divides them, not much has changed in the way the world treats female pop stars. Tango-ed Web: A hapless suitor attempts to impress a glamorous widow with his seductive moves.

Undetectable, The Millennial Theatre Project, Orlando, FL (Teal Venue) 

Genre: Comedy, Drama, LGBT Themes, Theatre

Show Rating: 18 & Up 

A tender, funny and uplifting love story for the post-chemsex generation. Hunky dream boy Lex and bright spark Bradley are falling for each other. Big time. After three months, Lex has decided that tonight’s the night… but Bradley’s not so sure he wants to go all the way. With wisdom, wit and honesty, Tom Wright’s bold new play explores the delicate emotions, moral dilemmas and personal demons we all take to bed with us.

The Untold Story of Hansel and Gretel, The Viera Studio, Orlando, FL (Site-Specific) 

Genre: Comedy, Immersive, Musical, Parody/Spoof, Theatre

Show Rating: 18 & Up 

Be prepared for a delicious camp-horror musical based on the classic story of Hansel and Gretel. Travel through the forest with Hansel and Gretel, but beware of what lurks in the woods… You don’t want to miss this frightfully good time!

Waiting for Gadot, Roll for Initiative Productions, Orlando, FL (Brown Venue) 

Genre: Comedy, Theatre

Show Rating: 18 & Up 

Two fanboys show the absurd lengths they will go to follow their passions; by waiting overnight for the newest Wonder Woman film, and the arrival of their idol, Gal Gadot. But will she ever show up? They pass time flexing their knowledge of nerd culture, proving who is the least toxic male, and questioning existence itself. Starring Orlando Sentinel’s 2021 Critic’s Choice for Best Actor in a Drama, Stephen Pugh, and Star Trek fan/voice actor Jarman Day.

WANZIE WITH A “Z” Part 2: THE RAVE YEARS, Wanzie Presents & D Squared Productions, Orlando, FL (Silver Venue) 

Genre: Comedy, LGBT Themes, Solo Show, Storytelling

Show Rating: 18 & Up 

Multi-award winning fringe favorite performs his first-ever solo show. This is storytelling as only Wanzie can deliver. Fast-paced. Engaging. Clever. Genuine. Funny. And all true! Drawn from his real-life experience of discovering the joys of a popular party drug late in life. No names have been changed to protect anyone. Trip with Wanzie from Midnight Teddy Bear Picnics to Disney/MGM Studios. No twinks were harmed in the making of this show. Come – Merrily roll along with Wanzie on Ecstasy!