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Welcome to the mature Audience Local Teaser


Each show will have two minutes to perform or they will be chased off stage. That’s all the time they got to win you over to buy a ticket to their show. Think they can pull it off? Use the faces below to rate your feelings about the show! Be sure to enter your email address so you will get emailed a copy of your responses.


Sole Orlando | Orlando, FL USA

Whiskey Theatre Factory & SOLE Orlando present...
#Headcanon: An NC-17 Burlesque, Pole, & Fan-Fiction Extravaganza!
head·ca·non [hed' kan-uh n] (noun) an idea, belief, or aspect of a story that is not mentioned in the media itself, but is accepted by either the media consumer themselves or the fandom in general
Sexy humans + burlesque/pole + smutty fan fiction stories = HEADCANON INDEED!

Alchemist of Dreams

The Imagination House | Orlando, FL USA

Join the award-winning VarieTEASE in the alchemist’s shop, filled with imagination and endless possibilities of love, adventure...and sometimes the fears that lurk in the dark. Every seeker who enters is immersed in a dreamworld of music and dance and each is granted a dream, though they may be surprised with the dream they're given. Cast aside your hopes and wishes and come with an open mind; in this quirky little shop, the dream chooses you!

Celebration Theatre Co Presents: HEXED, A Femme Rock Musical

Celebration Theatre Company
| Kissimmee, FL USA

Silver Venue | $12 |Musical, Theatre | 13 & up 

Five badass chicks unite to form an unholy coven in the Orlando Premiere of HEXED: A FEMME ROCK MUSICAL! Andrew Barett Cox's score infuses rock, metal, emo, punk, grunge, and pop to form a high-octane potion that will make you wish you never left your angsty middle school years behind! Most recently seen in a star-studded concert presentation at Feinstein's/54 Below in New York City, HEXEDmarks Celebration Theatre Company’s Orlando Fringe debut!


BC Theatricals | Orlando, FL USA

Did you know there were a dozen dogs onboard the Titanic?
Just how many Lassies were there?
And did anyone *really* call them freedom fries?!

Join amateur historian and professional dog person, Bruce Ryan Costella on a madcap comedy voyage perfect for fans of Reply All, Mary Roach and Radiolab.

From the creator of MUTTNIK (Best Solo Drama Orlando Fringe 2018, Audience Favorite KC Fringe 2019) and Unhappy Accident(Orlando Fringe Winter Mini-Fest 2021).

Fucking Men

Unseen Images Theatre | Orlando, FL USA

Gold Venue | $12 |Comedy, Drama, LGBT Themes, Theatre | 18 & up 

FUCKING MEN focuses on the lives of 10 men, with wildly different ages, professions, and priorities. Meet the married couple, the soldier, the actor, the porn star, the student and so on. All are in different emotional places, especially in terms of their sexuality – some are just experimenting, while others wholeheartedly embrace their identity. All face problems or dissatisfactions of one kind or another, some are romantic and others are sexual.

God Hates Figs

Dusty Bibles Studios Productions | Orlando, FL USA

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who wrote plays and radio shows for her and her brother to act out for their parents.
She grew up and worked in IT for many years.
After learning all she could from working in a cubicle and home office, she collected some gear, a severance package, and went back to school to absorb more knowledge about what she's really passionate about - arts & entertainment.


Wanzie Presents & D Squared Productions | Orlando, FL USA

Wanzie's newest, most unusual comedy/drama: Handsome, young, straight, Brett - played by ZACH LANE- and a charming, persuasive gay guy, Connor - MIKE VAN DYKE - bond over the party drug ecstasy. The unlikely pair become frequent Fantasy/Fetish role-play partners which Brett strives to keep secret from his fiancé, Julie - DINA NAJJAR. When Connor professes his love for Brett in Julie's presence all hell breaks loose. Hilarious & Heartwarming.


BeeJay Clinton | Davenport, FL USA

JUDAS is coming! Hear this all-new testament about his savior and (spoiler alert!) lover in a sinful, spirited, and sassy romp that reveals the truth, revs up the sex appeal, and makes the Good Book even better. There will be mystery, there will be murder, there will be loooooove-- but most importantly, one of you will betray him! Just kidding, but this is definitely NOT your mother's Bible story!

Oscar Wilde and Jesus Christ Walk into a Gay Bar

Donald Rupe | Orlando, FL USA

From Donald Rupe, writer of such Fringe hits as From Here, Once I Laughed, Bitch, Perfect, and Gorgeous! Synopsis: Dorian is a drag performer at a small town gay bar. He's known for his wit, the outlandish songs he sings, and his infamous drag persona: Oscar Wilde. A self-proclaimed "recovering Christian," Dorian entertains and opens up through monologue, music, and self-deprecating humor.


Opera del Sol | Winter Park, FL USA

We were all someone before we fell. Opera del Sol presents the world premiere of Requiem, a modern rock opera that explores the crisis of Opioid Addiction in America. Composer, Nishaa Johnson expertly weaves Mozart's Requiem into poignant music from Radiohead, Sia, Evanescence and more to tell the compelling story of how one girl can fall so far. Sponsored by Project Opioid.

Sareth Ney Presents "Stories on Sunset"

A Quarter and a Dream Pictures | Palm Coast, FL USA

Stories On Sunset is Sareth Ney’s 3 act monologue. The 1st act is “City of Angels & Demons”. It details how he became Clive Barker’s intern to apprentice & fond memories of the times they spent together. The 2nd act is “Stories On Sunset”. It is how Ney became a superhero/journalist. The 3rd act is “Sex Jokes and Rock & Roll”. It goes into full detail about his wild misadventures (without the use of curse words) in the form of stand-up comedy.


Terapia Di Danza | Orlando, FL USA

Seen is a personal "Fool's Journey" of grief, loss, & acceptance told through dance, video projection, & tarot. Are we the masters of our own fate, or merely pawns of an omniscient Universe? Seen will inspire you to manifest your dreams & tap into your true potential. All will be revealed. Seeing is believing. Your destiny awaits!

Selling Out - The Musical

NCG Theatricals | Orlando, FL USA

Pink Venue | $10 | Musical | 18 & up 

An ad exec unlucky in love. A roommate with no ambition... But you just want to see them naked! In this never before done Fringey-ness, you buy the show, including the shirts (and underwear) off the actors' backs!

Visit prior to each performance to control what will happen. Character choices, walk-on roles, nudity... Other shows sell sponsorship ads in the program and the poster. We sell everything!

Slut Like Me

Logan Donahoo | Orlando, FL USA

Come see the show the Orlando Sentinel called "vulgar," "heartfelt," and "exuberant!"

Award-winning Orlando Fringe veteran, Logan Donahoo, returns with his NEW & IMPROVED, tell-all, multimedia comedy romp! Learn ALL the sexy secrets and skills you need to release YOUR inner slut!

Learn to flirt like a pro! Get the most out of your dating profile! Find out what to do when the health department calls! Take notes, because class is in SESSION!


Downtown Arts District | Orlando, FL USA

THRIVE is the real-life journeys of four people living in your community. Their intimate stories will take you through depths of emotion and understanding that only true stories can create. Through music, visuals, and other forms of artistic expression, the storytellers illustrate how their experiences taught them to thrive.

Tired Old Whore

Ba'aser Presents | Orlando, FL USA

Taffy is retiring after 47 years as a “working girl” but not before she tells you some stories and boy has she got stories! Join her on this hysterical musical journey. We won’t give away too much but celebrity sex, drugs, a traveling circus, Republicans, death, and a pork chop are all involved. This show sold-out in its original run at the Orlando Fringe seven years ago. Get your tickets early!!!

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