what is fringe?

It's an experience like no other

fringe is "unique"

3 performers on stage at Orlando Fringe

The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival is a 14-day immersive cultural experience held this year in-person from May 17-30, and featuring hundreds of ticketed theatrical performances and a free outdoor music festival. Loch Haven Park serves as the main campus for the festival, though in recent years programming has expanded to venues in nearby neighborhoods.

The festival unites local, national, and international artists with the Central Florida community, creating a uniquely diverse arts experience. This year, DigiFringe is returning, a 14-day digital festival taking place June 3-17.

This event features high-quality recordings of every show at the in-person festival plus additional shows presented by artists that could not travel to Orlando in person. Orlando Fringe is the longest running Fringe theatre festival in the United States.

fringe is 100% uncensored

You never know what the artists will say or do. The artists have full control over their performance.

fringe is 100% unjuried

Performers are chosen at random by a lottery. Performers are chosen at random by a lottery, providing equity among artists.

fringe is 100% accessible

Ticket prices range from FREE TO $15 which allows anyone and everyone to experience Fringe.

Learn more about physical accessibility on our Accessibility page.

fringe is 100% inclusive

We are an environment where everyone is treated with love and kindness. We welcome everyone regardless of their age, gender, the color of your skin, religion, who they’re attracted to, or anything else.

ORLANDO FRINGE IS A SAFE SPACE. We are committed to a respectful, safe environment free from harassment, violence, discrimination, bullying, and abuse. All community members are to be treated with respect and dignity. We provide opportunities for everyone to contribute and participate in all events and activities or behaviors that discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, age, marital status, religious beliefs, citizenship, mental and physical abilities, or sexual orientation.

fringe returns 100% of all ticket sales to the artists

Doing this gives artists monetary resources to continue creating art.

fringe is more than theatre

Outdoor Stage

The Free Outdoor Stage on The Orlando Fringe Lawn always has something interesting and unique to experience between shows and during the entire festival. 

Enjoy cross-genre live music and live art, dance parties, dance troupes, stand-up comedy, comedic improv, poetry competitions, literary readings, and official Orlando Fringe show promotional snippets, and it’s all free!

Returning this year, the free Play What You Can Stage in the courtyard of The Lowndes Shakespeare Center will offer a variety of performances, panels, and interactive events.

So grab a drink, pull up a chair, and take in the sights and sounds of the two free outdoor stages.


Photo of art on display and for sale on a shelf.

Visual Fringe

This year our gallery is in-person and open May 17th-30th! All pieces are for sale and 100% of the sale price goes directly to the artists.

In Visual Fringe HQ (The Patron’s Room) you will find crafts, demonstrations, live events, shows, classes, selfie backdrops, and a creative lounge. Be sure to also stop by for our art market where you can buy select pieces and meet the artists in person. Check out our schedule as we have a lot of brand new offerings!


Kids Fringe

Kids Fringe is the free kids festival within the big festival. It’s free for everyone to attend and takes place at The Orlando Garden Club.

Kids Fringe takes over the entire building and fills it with free arts and craft activities for children. On the Fringezilla Mainstage, artists present special children’s theatre performances. 

Outside, the green space is filled with animal meetings, painting, puppet parades, and more.  


Photo from "Tonight at Midnight with Rauce Padgett" as he and his co-hose watch a dog on the far side of the interview couch.

Special Events

Orlando Fringe hosts numerous special events during the festival. Some of the can’t-miss events each year include Tonight at Midnight with Rauce Padgett, The Flashlight Cabaret, pop-up parties, and more. 

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fringe is online, too

Join us online from June 3-17 for DigiFringe! Many of this year’s shows in our festival-managed venues will be recorded and available for viewing wherever in the world you are!