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May 2021
A purple background with confetti is pictured. Text reads, "The National & International TEASER."

Orlando Fringe Presents: National/International Teaser Show and Ribbon Cutting CeremonyAdult LanguageAudience InteractionMature Themes

Which shows are "can't-miss" at this year's Fringe? Well, you can find out at The National / International Teaser Show! It's Back! Performers will be performing their 2-minute teaser in each location LIVE, and it's up to you, the audience, where you prefer to sit. Follow along in the digital program to make notes about which shows you don't want to miss (don't worry, we will send you a link and help you when the show starts)! ...
18 May
7:00 pm
Orange - The Lowndes Shakespeare Center
Man looking up at a green, yellow, and red box stacked up above his head. Text says "dennis elkins' box."

box.No Warnings

Like it not, we are consumed by our cardboard boxes-as children and adults. Moving through life, physically and emotionally, we rely on boxes to move valuables and store memories. Are we to be summed up by the contents of a cardboard box? "Brave, funny and heart-breaking," box. unabashedly demands ransoming our lives from the boxes (tucked away under the bed or back of the closet) so we can find a rationale for life protected by cardboard. ...
19 May
5:00 pm
BYOV - The Abbey
100 S Eola Dr., Unit 100, Orlando, FL 32801

The Wizard of Loch Haven ParkNo Warnings

The Wizard of Loch Haven Park is an audience participation and choose-your-own-adventure music performance. A cast of singers and actors lead an audience on an unforgettable journey through Loch Haven Park where the audience helps "choose" the fate of the characters... And their own... ...
19 May
6:00 pm
Site Specific - White wall in front of the Shakes
812 E. Rollins St., Orlando, FL 32803

Girly GirlAdult Language

Girly Girl is a queer coming-of-age story that takes us through the different phases of Lily’s adolescence in their search for authenticity during the Golden Era of Youtube. Life cannot be planned and Girly Girl reveals what happens when a child influenced by social media showcases their life online before even knowing who they are. ...
19 May
6:15 pm
Gold - The Orlando Museum of Art

God Hates FigsAdult LanguageMature ThemesNuditySexual ContentViolence

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who wrote plays and radio shows for her and her brother to act out for their parents. She grew up and worked in IT for many years. After learning all she could from working in a cubicle and home office, she collected some gear, a severance package, and went back to school to absorb more knowledge about what she's really passionate about - arts & entertainment. ...
19 May
6:15 pm
Yellow - The Lowndes Shakespeare Center
Red-headed drag queen named Ginger Minj. Text says "IN THE WINGS PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS ARDEN"

ArdenAdult LanguageMature Themes

Arden is an all-new jukebox musical set in a magical forest where the stories of William Shakespeare collide in an explosion of color and song. Starring RuPaul's Drag Race Star Ginger Minj, join the fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the lovers from As You Like It, and the witches from Macbeth on a musical romp through the Forest of Arden set to mashups of iconic pop songs from the 70’s and 80’s. ...
19 May
6:45 pm
Silver - The Orlando REP

Drunk MagicAdult LanguageMature ThemesStrobe Light

Drunk Magic is a chaotic blend of comedy, magic tricks, and alcohol. Featuring straight jackets, saw blades, and an illusionist stumbling through it all, this show is unlike anything you have ever seen! All audience volunteers will be given a shot of Tequila, Vodka, or Rum. Oh, and Illusionist Colin Smith will join every shot ensure this show goes off the rails as fast as possible. Be sure to check out this train wreck of a show at The Abbey! ...
19 May
6:50 pm
BYOV - The Abbey
100 S Eola Dr., Unit 100, Orlando, FL 32801

7 Deadly SinsAdult LanguageMature ThemesSexual Content

7 Deadly Sins tells the story of a girl who wakes up in a world full of temptation. Using ballet, jazz, contemporary and modern dance disciplines, the 7 sins weave their way into her world. Audiences will take a journey through dance, music, and body painting at this 60 minute performance. ...
19 May
7:00 pm
Pink - The Lowndes Shakespeare Center
Sheets of paper, a sticky note, a pen, and abstract elements are pictured. On the note, text reads, “YOU'LL FIGURE IT OUT...EVENTUALLY.”

You’ll Figure It out…EventuallyAdult LanguageMature ThemesSexual Content

You’ll Figure It Out... Eventually, by Ian Gadapee is a hilariously oxymoronic show starring Orlando actress, Jessica Fernando. The Playwright (Fernando) describes to the audience why she does not have a play written for them to see. She eventually resolves to draw on her own life for inspiration and decides to write a play about a playwright trying to write a play. Hopefully, that one will be a success... ...
19 May
7:00 pm
Blue - The Lowndes Shakespeare Center
White text reads, " THE impossible CLUB." The background of the graphic is black.

The Impossible ClubNo Warnings

At Versailles Middle School, the new “no bullying” policy hasn't stopped big, intimidating Rhine from terrorizing small, clumsy Birch. Aspiring popular girl Cherry becomes annoyed by younger, excitable Trillium. Despite strategic alliances, they inevitably descend into a war which threatens to send them all to juvenile hall and certain oblivion. The Impossible Club, by Ned Wilkinson, was featured in the 2017 Florida Festival of New Musicals. ...
19 May
7:00 pm
Green - The Orlando REP
Text reads, "THE LITTLE MERMAN from the Black Lagoon." The background of the graphic is an underwater scene.

The Little Merman from The Black LagoonAdult LanguageMature Themes

A group of scientists in search of the evolution of life come face to face with Ethyl the Merman and his friends from "under the sea". A comedy mashup of The Creature from The Black Lagoon & The Little Mermaid. From the creator of Fringe hits Joe's NYC Bar, The Boy Who Stole the Sun, and The Karate Guy. ...
19 May
7:30 pm
BYOV - HÄOS on Church
123 W Church St., Orlando, FL 32801
A sketch of a face wearing glasses and a long hat is pictured. Text reads, “WHAT? THE DICKENS!”

What? The Dickens!Adult Language

London 1851. Jacob Marley pays a visit to his business partner, Ebenezer Scrooge in an effort to save his soul. Turns out everything we were led to believe about Scrooge is wrong, dead wrong. ...
19 May
8:00 pm
Yellow - The Lowndes Shakespeare Center
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