the first show of 2021 Fringe

The National / International Teaser

Welcome to the national / international Teaser


Each show will have two minutes to perform or they will be chased off stage by Theatre Group GUMBO. That’s all the time they got to win you over to buy a ticket to their show. Rate each show by selecting the faces, and jot some notes down too! Be sure to enter your email address so you will get emailed a copy of your responses.

Welcome to your National / International Teaser

Mind Eater

Theatre Group GUMBO | Osaka, Japan

★★★★★Brilliant! One of the zaniest, wickedest, funniest things this year! MUST SEE!!

– talkfringe

MIND EATER is being revived especially for presentation at this years' Orlando Fringe.

The powerful performance is characterized by Gumbo's trademark grotesque yet simple stage art, colourful and imaginative costumes and powerful music. Full of dark humour, the piece throws truth and lies into focus and begs you to consider "what is human life?"

The 500 List

Ryan Adam Wells | Houston, Texas

In 2008, two best friends took a road trip across the United States after spending two years compiling their 500 favorite songs of all time. While listening to each others lists, Adventure, Danger, Laughter and Tears ensue, as they learn to find beauty in the world, and hope for a freedom from cycles of pain. Don't miss this new work from Best Solo Musical Winner Beers About Songs creator Ryan Adam Wells. A tale of Friendship, Music, and above.


Boxperiodproductions | New York, NY

Like it not, we are consumed by our cardboard boxes-as children and adults. Moving through life, physically and emotionally, we rely on boxes to move valuables and store memories. Are we to be summed up by the contents of a cardboard box? "Brave, funny and heart-breaking," box. unabashedly demands ransoming our lives from the boxes (tucked away under the bed or back of the closet) so we can find a rationale for life protected by cardboard.

AWAY, NOW- The World's Most Desired Destination

Paul Strickland | Covington, KY

As if mad scientists crossed Flight of the Concords with Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, 16X Best of Fest Winners Paul Strickland (90 Lies an Hour –Best Solo Comedy ’19) and Erika Kate MacDonald (13 Dead Dreams of “Eugene” –Best Show ’18) perform a HILARIOUS, SONG-FILLED variety show for adults GUARANTEED to be the Greatest Performance of a Travel Guide to a Place You Can’t Go You've Ever Seen! Side-splitting surreal stories! Silly songs! So smuch smore! S!

Dangerous When Wet: Booze,Sex, and My Mother

redBrick agency | New York, NY

Darkly comic, the Washington Post called this 5-time award-winning solo show 'stylish & polished' & dubbed Jamie Brickhouse (4-time MothChamp) 'a natural raconteur.' In his alcoholic odyssey from small-town sissy to louche Manhattanite, Jamie faces down the bottle and his Texas tornado of a mother Mama Jean, who never has a thought she doesn’t speak. Hailed as ‘hilarious & dark’ by TimeOutNY, it’s the love child of Elaine Stritch & David Sedaris.

DKTV: LIVE! (not a Zoom Call)

DK Live Productions | Bellingham, WA

Let's jump some sharks! It’s DKTV: LIVE!... (not a Zoom call)

From the bizarro mind of comedian DK Reinemer (Becoming Magic Mike, Help! I’m American, the DK Effect) comes another thrilling hour of comedy. Tune in, laugh hard, and binge your brains out. It’s DKTV


Spellbound, Inc | Los Angeles, CA

ExperiMENTAL is an engaging and interactive mind reading experience that follows a unique path guided by your thoughts and if things start to get weird, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Using a blend of influence, psychology, intuition, mnemonics, and good old fashioned deception, Steven Nicholas will get inside your head. Bring a secret, bring a friend, and bring an open mind for an uncommon entertainment experience.


Donna Kay Yarborough | Portland, OR

Meet Jamie. She is an alcoholic. She is a survivor. And she is haunted by unspeakable darkness. In today’s meeting, it is her turn to speak. We all have reasons we drink, but some reasons are more horrifying than others.

"Rosegold is not a conventional horror story; Donna Kay Yarborough is so confident, she even mocks the clichés of the genre... an intense experience and essential viewing.” --David Cunningham, British Theatre Guide

Good Girl Gone Single

Good Girl Gone Single, LLC | Portsmouth, VA

What if being “single” really meant being whole? Good Girl Gone Single is a theatrical production that reimagines the concept of being, “single.” This solo performance piece chronicles the life of the “Good Girl” as she navigates through divorce, depression, and dating. This journey addresses self-worth, and challenges stereotypes of depression and mental health by opening up a conversation about how we define ourselves.


Randy Noojin | New York, NY

SEEGER is an award-winning, multimedia solo show about America's beloved folksinger, Pete Seeger. Spend an evening with Pete as he plays a benefit concert advocating the end of the U.S.-Cuban trade embargo, where he uses a dozen of his signature songs, including "If I Had a Hammer", "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?", "Turn! Turn! Turn!", “We Shall Overcome", and "Guantanamera" to tell the story of his awakening as a civil rights activist.

Girly Girl

The Euphoria Project | Jamaica Plain, MA

Girly Girl is a queer coming-of-age story that takes us through the different phases of Lily’s adolescence in their search for authenticity during the Golden Era of Youtube. Life cannot be planned and Girly Girl reveals what happens when a child influenced by social media showcases their life online before even knowing who they are.

La Divina: The Last Interview of Maria Callas

Shelly Cooper | Moline, IL

La Divina: The Last Interview of Maria Callas is a one-woman show inspired by the life and work of the Dramatic 20th Century Opera Singer Maria Callas. The audience eavesdrops on La Divina’s interview with a nonexistant Mr. Wallace and are taken on a journey through trauma, allowed glimpses of an extremely complex and tormented woman, and treated to some operatic gems including “O Mio Babbino Caro”, “Habanera”, and “Vissi d’arte”.

My First Miracle

Bennet Caffee | San Francisco, CA

I'm standing in the middle of a football stadium full of people. They think they're here for a Rolling Stones concert, but they're really here for me. The Stones are about to come on and I see in front of me my opportunity, there's a girl standing on crutches - My First Miracle. I'm gonna make her walk. - An inside look at Bipolar Mood Disorder. "A wild, funny and honest look into love and madness." -Alexa Almira, Program Director Marsh Theater

Nathan Mosher Is Injured: A Show about a Breakup, Breakdown, and a Breakthrough

Nathan Mosher | Culver City, CA

Nathan Mosher Is Injured is a compilation of jokes, poems, and songs about a breakup, a breakdown, a breakthrough, and everything in between. Comedian, poet, and singer-songwriter, Nathan Mosher, seamlessly weaves together stand-up, music, and poetry for a night of laughter, sorrow, thoughtfulness, reflection, and ultimately gratefulness.

Nathan is "accessible, revealing, and genuine." - The Daily Bruin.

A Note to Follow Sober

Now or Never Endeavours | Los Angeles, CA

Twenty years of drinking every night can add up to a lot of stories - most of which I remember, and some of which turned into songs. This is a fun, easygoing night of dealing with the deeper emotions that cause our behaviors.

We Got Love

Brett McMahon | Brentwood, CA

This Modern Cabaret is all about LOVE through the eyes of an All-American ‘Gurrrrl.’ There is no wrong way to love, only THAT you love. Brett McMahon's voice and mix of popular music will have you bouncing in your seat and might make you shed a tear. From “Watermelon Sugar’ & the excitement of feeling butterflies to a new rendition of “Rain on Me” to remind us even when it’s raining, we know the sun will come out again.

The Wizard of Loch Haven Park

Confessions of a Lost Opera Diary | Orlando, FL

The Wizard of Loch Haven Park is an audience participation and choose-your-own-adventure music performance. A cast of singers and actors lead an audience on an unforgettable journey through Loch Haven Park where the audience helps "choose" the fate of the characters... And their own…

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