7 Deadly Sins

Emotions Dance Inc | Longwood, FL USA

Pink Venue | $12 | Dance | 18 & Up 

7 Deadly Sins tells the story of a girl who wakes up in a world full of temptation. Using ballet, jazz, contemporary and modern dance disciplines, the 7 sins weave their way into her world. Audiences will take a journey through dance, music, and body painting at this 60-minute performance.

An Adele Horror Story

11th Hour Productions | Orlando, FL, USA

Just on the outskirts of the Fringe lawn lies a campsite. When 7 college students enter, bad things happen. A musical horror comedy that will answer the question of "Wait, so where is Adele anyway? Also, why does she disappear between albums?" We ask that you bring your own seating. We recommend blankets and chairs. Masks are required for both audience members and performers alike.

Coffee and Cedar

DH Cermeno Inc | Orlando, FL, USA

A nostalgic play, based on an award-winning book, that is both heartfelt and warm. A grandfather shares stories of his life’s challenges with his grandson to teach him to have courage and confidence through his wisdom and advice. It's a story of how those we love can influence our lives and how their strength continues to live on from generation to generation. And, above all, it's a story about hope, perseverance, and treasuring memories.

Confessions of a Flirt

Springer Music Studios | West Melbourne, FL USA

Pink Venue | $12 | Musical, Theatre | 13 & Up 

Join celebrated Georgian-poetess Mary Eliza Perine Tucker Lambert and her partner Rachel on their journey through romances, marriages, and murder to defy the roles allotted to women and meddle their way toward civil liberties for all. This Reconstruction-era musical features poetry of the time set to rock and blues orchestrations for a contemporary take on a little-known HERstory.


Cupid and Psyche

Excellent Adventure Productions | Orlando, FL USA

Gold Venue | $12 | Comedy, Musical, Theatre | 7 & Up 

"One of the glossiest productions from Orlando Fringe.” Excellent Adventure Productions revives this vivacious Patrons’ Pick musical retelling of the myth which sparkles with sly wit as Venus, with the aid of Mercury, tells the tale of her thwarted efforts to come between her son Cupid and the bright and beautiful Psyche. The songs are laugh-out-loud funny and achingly romantic. The classical tale shines anew, in this luminous, magical musical.


Darth and Droids

The Present Company | Oviedo, FL, USA

What if Star Wars as we know it didn’t exist, but was instead the wild creation of a group of tabletop role-players? Join our company of misfits as they roll the dice to battle an army of droids, risk their lives in a dangerous pod race, and argue the logistics of deflecting bullets with a laser sword. Adapted from Australian creators David Morgan-Mar and the Comic Irregulars’ hit webcomic “Darths & Droids”

Designated Debators

Kyle's Company
| Orlando, FL, USA

Pink Venue | $12 | Comedy, Improv, Parody/Spoof | 13 & Up 

Designated Debaters is a gut-busting, hilarious interactive game show where your favorite superheroes debate hot topics provided by the audience, and the loser has to drink. Seen previously at SAK Comedy Lab, the show is a sloshy, silly improvised hit at Comic-Cons and nerd events across the country, and its debut at the 2021 Orlando Fringe Festival is brought to you by the minds behind the Fringe hit Punslingers: A Western Wordplay Musical.

FRIGORIFIC: a play by ear

Lorelei Zarifian | Melbourne, FL, USA

Meet Lolo - a woman battling nervous breakdowns, chatty A.I. devices and a maddening refrigerator. In a time where the “real world” can’t seem to shut up long enough for her to catch a break, Lolo takes the audience on a comedic journey of isolation from her kitchen. From the playwright that brought you Excuse My French, Lorelei Zarifian’s latest one woman show, Frigorific, will have you questioning the noise of your own noise.

Fringin & Flagons

Indigo Chameleon | Groveland, FL, USA

Adventure and comedy await as table-top role-playing and collaborative improvisational storytelling meet in a Fringe show like none before! Enter the world of the Unbroken Veil, where the creatures and magic of the Dungeons & Dragons universe exist in the shadows of our present-day Earth. Assemble your party, grab your dice, and roll initiative as you become the hands of fate that can aid or doom our adventurers in their epic Quest!!

The Frogpig and Friends Variety Hour

Joel Swanson Productions | Orlando, FL, USA

Frogpig is back! The half-breed hamphibian at the center of 2018’s Critics Choice Award for Best Solo Show (Variety) is returning to Orlando Fringe for more. And this time, he’s sharing the stage with some of his famous friends. Inspired by shows like The Carol Burnett Show, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, and yes, The Muppet Show. THE FROGPIG AND FRIENDS VARIETY HOUR is a campy, kitschy 1970s fever dream you’ll have a difficult time forgetting.

The Impossible Club

Christopher Leavy | Winter Park, FL, USA

At Versailles Middle School, the new “no bullying” policy hasn't stopped big, intimidating Rhine from terrorizing small, clumsy Birch. Aspiring popular girl Cherry becomes annoyed by younger, excitable Trillium. Despite strategic alliances, they inevitably descend into a war which threatens to send them all to juvenile hall and certain oblivion. The Impossible Club, by Ned Wilkinson, was featured in the 2017 Florida Festival of New Musicals.

Josie & Grace

Dynamite Lunchbox | Orlando, FL, USA

Josie & Grace is a mostly historical cabaret dream play about the legendary friendship between two of the most iconic women of the 20th Century, Josephine Baker and Grace Kelly. From the creators of the award-winning international hit show Josephine comes the world premiere play about two American women who became immortal in Europe after meteoric rises to success that challenged the limits placed on them by a racist and sexist world.

Mrs. Bliss's Titanic Adventure

Bridget Bean | Tampa, FL, USA

A struggling actor plays a cabin steward - Mrs. Bliss - in a Titanic exhibition. In a twist of fate, she is transported back to the actual Titanic! Can Mrs. Bliss avert disaster?
This zany ride touches on the immigrant experience, the phenomenon of celebrity, and the search for love, and asks the question – what would you do if offered a do-over? A fun, fascinating and surprising show.

The Sack: A Play on Superheros

Airtight Theatre | Tampa, FL, USA

Spyn Isaac was an everyday nobody until he discovered he has the amazing power to redirect projectiles. Using his newfound power, he took an ordinary bag and became the masked superhero "The Sack" to fight the nefarious villains of Mega City. Now he has landed an audition to join a superhero team up. Watch as he recounts his story while playing every character!


Airtight Theatre | Tampa, FL, USA

Spyn Isaac was an everyday nobody until he discovered he has the amazing power to redirect projectiles. Using his newfound power, he took an ordinary bag and became the masked superhero "The Sack" to fight the nefarious villains of Mega City. Now he has landed an audition to join a superhero team up. Watch as he recounts his story while playing every character!


Movement Stories | Orlando, FL, USA

Join 5 of Orlando’s top movement artists on a journey through mobility, injury, disability and adaptation. Kevin Becker (Phantasmagoria), Genevieve Bernard (Voci Dance), David Gabriel (Skyra Studios), Rebekah Lane (Valencia College) and producer Sarah Lockard explore what happens when the freedom of movement we take for granted is restricted or ripped away. Do we stand still and disappear, or do we find different ways to move forward and be seen?

What? The Dickens!

Don't Panic Theater Company | Orlando, FL, USA

London 1851. Jacob Marley pays a visit to his business partner, Ebenezer Scrooge in an effort to save his soul. Turns out everything we were led to believe about Scrooge is wrong, dead wrong.

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