The festival took place April 16-25.
Matt Wohl is named Festival Producer.
Fringe moved the home base, including the outdoor stage, to The Plaza at Church Street Market.
Orlando Fringe is ranked the #1 US Fringe Festival for attendance with 13,000 tickets sold and # 1 among US Festivals for dollars returned with over $60,000 going back to artists.
Orlando Fringe is ranked #5 in North America for both attendance and dollars being returned to artists.  
Orlando Fringe makes the commitment to hold 25% of the performing slots open to minority artists and is the only Fringe Festival at that time in the world to make that commitment. 
Orlando Fringe’s mission statement is revamped.
The festival moved its home base, including its outdoor stage, to the plaza at Church Street Market.
The first Umbrella Awards were handed out.
Alauna McMillen served as Volunteer Coordinator