What You'll Need

World Fringe Congress Delegate Badge

Your World Fringe Congress Delegate badge will get you into the festival, no button required. Along with your Show Access Pass, your badge will be needed in order to attend shows during the festival. You’ll receive your badge at registration.

Show Access Pass

Your  Show Access Pass will act as your ticket to any performance. You’ll simply be asked to scan the QR code to enter your venue of choice and enjoy the show. Please keep in mind this pass guarantees admission up until the point of fire code capacity for each venue. You’ll receive your access pass at registration. 

Check Out the Shows

Visit our ticketing website to learn more about what shows are performing and find out what showtimes will work for you. 


Photo of someone's wrist with a digital watch on it.

Don’t Be Late

All shows begin on time. Once the pre-show announcements have concluded and the theatre doors are closed, you cannot be admitted. 

Line of patrons forming outside, leading into a venue.

Lines Are Love

They’re a linear pre-show party. Mingle. Chill. Meet people. Talk about the must-sees. Let an artist chat you up.

Photo of three people standing in front of an art sculpture consisting of colored hoops and ribbons.

You Should Also…

Chill in the beer tent, get a bite to eat, enjoy performances on the outdoor stage, strike up a conversation. Make friends.