Holly Lombardo, Managing Director, World Fringe

Each year 300 Fringe Festivals across the world showcase hundreds of thousands of artists and performers. 19 million people see approximately 170 thousand performers in 60,000 free and ticketed events. There are so many different forms of Fringe Festival, no two are the same and they never repeat themselves.  

Orlando Fringe Festival, like all Fringe Festivals, reacts and develops to change. It reacts to local and global politics, the environment, finances, the people producing it, the economy, trends, and talent. More recently a pandemic that has meant fast paced and innovative pivoting to online provision that supports artists and to keep audiences in touch with culture and joint experiences.

What Fringes do best is progress cultural strategy; they are the front runners in arts and creative development. Giving audiences fresh innovation, new writing, exciting experiences. They represent community cohesion, everyone working together for the greater good. Fringe Festivals reflect the cities and towns in which they reside, embracing the history, and future, of its’s venues, performers, and personalities locally, nationally, and internationally. 

I was privileged to know the team producing the Orlando Fringe, I have watched their festival change and mould to new directors and opportunities. I follow the progress of the Fringe every year and enjoy seeing it going from strength to strength. Orlando Fringe is an important part of the World Fringe Network. 

Support your Fringe, get involved, play along, and see something new. 

Every day a new adventure! 

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Holly Lombardo

Managing Director 

World Fringe 


Special Thanks to the planning committee for World Fringe Congress 2022:

Holly Lombardo World Fringe

Cath Mattos World Fringe

Alauna Friskics Executive Director, Orlando Fringe

Lindsay Taylor Producing Artistic Director, Orlando Fringe

Jill Roszell Administrator, Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals