Performer Joel Swanson on stage with his Frogpig puppet

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Celebrating 6 years of Winter Fun, Florida style
In-person // January 13-16, 2022
Mini-Digi // January 17-21, 2022

Performer, Tymisha Harris on stage
Performers from The Cold Harts, performing on stage
Performer Paul Strickland on stage
Performer Chase Padgett singing and playing guitar
Performer with glasses and a mustache, dressed in black pants, with a red sweater and tie.
Performers on stage, having a snowball fight with toilet paper.
Performer Logan Donahoo on stage
Photo of Paris Crayton performing on stage.
Performer Katie Thayer in a bikini doing a split on stage

until the next Winter Mini-Fest

what is
winter mini-fest?

Photo of two actors having a snowball fight with toilet paper.

Want to know more about Winter Mini-Fest is? Explore the event!
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How do you
Winter Mini-Fest?

A volunteer scanning a ticket on a patrons phone.

There are some specific things you need to know about Winter Mini-Fest.
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Where is
Winter Mini-Fest?

Photo of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center

While the big Fringe Festival in May 11+ venues, The Orlando Fringe Winter Mini-Fest is only 3 venues and is much easier to navigate. Click to [LEARN MORE]

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now playing in-person

Thursday, January 7

6:30 Dog Person
7:45 Creepy Christmas Cabaret
9:00 JUDAS
10:15 5-Steps to Being German

Friday, January 8

6:30 Scintilla River
7:45 The DownTEENers
9:00 The FABULOUS King James Bible
10:15 Peaceful Hospital
11:30 Corsets & Cuties

Saturday, January 9

6:30 El Amor Brujo
7:45 Anxieties Anonymous
9:00 Tombmates
10:15 Creepy Boys
11:30 Corsets & Cuties

Sunday, January 10

6:00 Orlando Fringe Lottery
7:45 Fallen from the Toy Box

what is winter mini-fest?

Photo of two actors having a snowball fight with toilet paper.

Winter Mini-Fest was created in 2017 for two purposes; first it was to produce a smaller and easier to experience version of Fringe for new patrons that may have been unsure about attending the May festival. Second, it was to fill a bridge the gap in the hearts of so many Fringe fans between festivals in May.

To make the Winter Mini-Fest a sure-bet for the uninitiated, this smaller, four-day festival is curated. A percentage of shows are award-winning shows from the festival in May. Another percentage of shows are new works from some of our most celebrated artists. The last and most exciting piece is the new shows; the artists that have never performed in Orlando that we have discovered while touring other Fringe festivals around the world. We’ve discovered some amazing artists and have invited them to Orlando and we can’t wait for you to meet them.

Just like the big Fringe Festival in May, Winter Mini-Fest is:

100% UNCENSORED; you never know what the artists will say or do.

100% ACCESSIBLE; ticket prices are all $14 which allows anyone from any walk of life to experience Fringe.

100% INCLUSIVE, we are an environment where everyone is treated with love and kindness. We welcome anyone regardless of their age, gender, the color of your skin, religion, who you’re attracted to, or anything else.

ORLANDO FRINGE IS A SAFE SPACE. We are committed to a respectful, safe environment free from harassment, violence, discrimination, bullying, and abuse. All community members are to be treated with respect and dignity. We provide opportunities for everyone to contribute and participate in all events and activities or behaviors that discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, age, marital status, religious beliefs, citizenship, mental and physical abilities, or sexual orientation.

winter mini-fest is serving theatre your way

Photo of Paris Crayton performing on stage.

Online Streamed Events

For the first time ever, Winter Mini-Fest is going digital! We are pleased to present twenty-five different performances that you can watch at your home or anywhere else you may be. 

You will find a wide variety of incredible performances from artists from all corners of the globe.

Photo of two people sitting in chairs on the grass a comfortable distance from each other.

Socially Responsible Hangouts

It wouldn’t be a Fringe event without some fun special events. Join us in the courtyard of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center for some fun.  

Each night of the festival, a limited number of patrons will be able to purchase tickets to this unique hangout. Guests will enjoy live performances as well as the screening of four of the online shows at Winter Mini-Fest. 

Being a Fringe event, the Beer and Booze Tent will be there to serve you and if you’re hungry, our friends from Ace Cafe will be serving up offerings from their popular restaurant.


[For the list of in-person screenings, menus, and COVID protocols, CLICK HERE]


Audience outdoors at night watching a performance while they wear glowing headphones.

In-Person Outdoor Performances

The online performances we are presenting are a great way to experience the arts in today’s world but nothing beats a live, in-person performance. Well, Winter Mini-Fest is featuring four live, site-specific, outdoor performances within Loch Haven Park.

Photo of a child wearing butterfly wings and teal t-shirt.

Kids Fringe

We believe that “Anyone Can Fringe” so on the Saturday morning of the festival, Kids Fringe is presenting three shows for kids and families. The shows will also be broadcast online to watch. We’re also providing Kids Fringe Craft Bags that you can pick up for your little Fringers.  


how do you winter mini-fest?

Image of a digital ticket

Get a Ticket

Attending Winter Mini-Fest in person or streaming events online, you need a ticket. Don’t stress over your choice of what show to see, we’ve hand-picked these shows so we know you’ll love them. 

and then

An audience in the theatre.

See a Show

It’s just that simple. Tell your friends you’re seeing a show. Let everyone know how much you enjoyed it. Get another ticket and start the process over again.

attending a viewing in person?

Please note the following precautions we are taking as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Due to the tight protocols that we are following due to COVID-19, you cannot enter the Lowndes Shakespeare Center or Fringe grounds without a paid ticket you have purchased in advance. Sorry, but there are no exceptions. 
  • A mask is required at all times while on Fringe grounds which includes the interior and venues of The Lowndes Shakespeare Center and all outdoor areas, including the courtyard and surrounding grassy areas. Proper wearing of a mask means your mouth and nose must be covered at all times. Failing to follow these standards will result in you being removed from the grounds. No refund will be given.
  • You may remove your mask while stationary and consuming food or beverages. The mask must be replaced when not eating or drinking. 
  • Masks must be worn while taking any photographs. 
  • To enter the Fringe grounds you must submit to a temperature screening. 
  • Sanitizer stations will be in areas around the festival, please wash and sanitize your hands often. 
  • Indoor performance venues will be sanitized after each performance.
Photo of someone's wrist with a digital watch on it.

Don’t Be Late

All shows begin on time. Once the pre-show announcements have concluded and the theatre doors are closed, you cannot be admitted. There are no refunds. Feel good that you supported the arts.

Four people gathered together and smiling for a photo.

You Should Also…

Chill in the beer tent, get a bite to eat, strike up a conversation. Make friends (from a safe distance, of course)

where is winter mini-fest?

Shows are streaming online but there are also a limited number of in-person events

Photo of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center

Lowndes Shakespeare Center

This building houses the in-person events for Winter Mini-Fest. You will also find our beer tent and booze in the courtyard as well as food offerings from Ace Cafe.