how to attend

Basics every Fringer needs to know

first, Get a Button

Buttons are a must-have to see a ticketed show.  They support the Fringe, and help make the festival happen.  

Plus they make you look really cool. 

Buttons are available for purchase or pick up at any festival box office, or info table, and they can be used to see this year’s shows over and over again. 

next, Get a Ticket

To see a show you need a show ticket.  

Head to any onsite box office or use this website to purchase.

Choose a show by asking around, talking to an artist, or just picking one at random. 


An audience in the theatre.

then, See a Show

Now you can attend a ticketed performance!

Tell your friends about it.

Repeat this process.  Often.

no button = no entry

Photo of someone's wrist with a digital watch on it.

also, Don’t Be Late!

All shows begin on time.

Once the pre-show announcements have concluded and the theatre doors are closed, you will not be admitted.

There are no refunds if you’re late – but feel good that you’ve supported an artist!

Line of patrons forming outside, leading into a venue.

remember, Lines Are Love

They’re a linear pre-show party.  

Meet people.
Talk about the must-sees.
Let an artist chat you up.

Photo of three people standing in front of an art sculpture consisting of colored hoops and ribbons.

lastly, You Should Also…

Get a drink and a bite to eat.
Enjoy free performances on the outdoor stage.

Visit our Art Market. 

Strike up a conversation and make new friends.

still have questions?

check out F.Q.A. (fringe questions answered)