Photo of the audience watching the performance of Fab Fringe

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Orlando Fringe celebrates the arts year-round

A group of people dressed in 60's attire posing for a photo
A performer, Janine Klien singing passionately on stage.
Partygoers enjoying themselves
Screen capture of BIPOC First Fringe Friday performance
Performer from the BIPOC First Fringe Friday event
Screen capture from a Halloween First Fringe Friday
Screen capture of Bruce Ryan Costella in a performance.
A couple taking a selfie in front of a rainbow garland with balloons in the shape of the words Fab Fringe.
Performers on stage. A female is center against a green background.
Four men dressed in suits for the occasion, smiling and posing for the camera.
Three people sitting at a table, toasting drinks.
Lisa and Lindsay on stage
Lisa and Lindsay laughing. Lindsay is dressed in a colorful athletic headband and wrist bands.
Lisa and Lindsay looking excited.
Screencap of the text to give-a-thon. With a thermometer on the top left, Lisa and Lindsay on the top right and DK Reinemer on the bottom.
Photo of a woman in 1920's style costume wearing a dress where the base is holding glasses of champagne.
Photo from a themed performance. A women is central wearing a silver burlesque-style outfit with ornate headdress. There are other woman behind her also in 1920's burlesque costumes.
Two women posing for a photo.
Two people dressed in 1920's style costumes.

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what do you do all year?

Orlando Fringe staff members are often asked, “what do you do all year?” The answer, we create events aimed at celebrating the independent artists of our community and beyond.

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First Fringe Friday

December’s Theme: 

December 4, 2020

December’s First Fringe Friday will feature performances from any artist that wins our lottery for this month. All bets are off so that means that no subject or style of art is off the table. Anyone can Fringe!
The performances will be broadcast at 7pm EST on our Facebook page, Twitter Account, YouTube channel, and on our website at

First Fringe Friday is a free event, but donations are encouraged and 100% of the donations will be returned to the participating artists.

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first fringe friday

You no longer have to wait until the next Fringe festival to enjoy amazing independent theatre. Join us on the first Friday of every month on our live page or our Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter accounts. You can access Fringe wherever you are. First Fringe Friday is a free event, but donations are encouraged and 100% of the donations will be returned to the participating artists.

December 2020

November 2020

October 2020

For more First Fringe Friday events, [Click Here]

Fab Fringe Fundraiser

Once a year, we throw a party that is talked about for years to come, all while raising funds for the organization we all know and love. Combining talented performers with some of the area’s top restaurants equals a night full of fun that you won’t soon forget. Please take a look at some of the photos from our last few Fab Fringe Fundraisers.

Fab Fringe 2022
Fab Fringe Magic


Fab Fringe 2020
Peace, Love & Fringe


Fab Fringe 2019
El Wiz


Fab Fringe 2018


Staged Productions

We can’t let our fans go six months without a fun Fringe experience. Every fall or winter, we put on a big show to delight our fans.

A Fringemas Carol

The Animatronicans

Poster images for the two part Animatronicans and The Animatronicans Under New Management

The Exorcist

Poster for the Fringe Parody of The Exorcist

Endurance Fundraisers

Orlando Fringe is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We return 100% of all ticket sales from our festival in May to the participating artists making the generosity of donors crucial to fulfilling our mission. But you know that when we do a fundraiser, we do it in the most Fringe-y way possible. Development Director Lisa Hardt and Theatre Producer Lindsay Taylor host annual, multi-hour endurance events while raising money for Orlando Fringe. Oh, and we broadcast it live on Facebook as it happens. Take a look at some of the most recent fundraisers that these two have cooked up.



12 hour

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